Dogs in westerns, the movies.

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1. North Star (1925)

Passed | Drama

Melodrama about a man who heads into the Northwest after he mistakenily believes he has killed another man and is followed there by his sister.

Director: Paul Powell | Stars: Strongheart the Dog, Virginia Lee Corbin, Stuart Holmes, Ken Maynard

Votes: 17

3. Brawn of the North (1922)


Marion Wells travels to Alaska with her dog Brawn to visit her brother Lester and her fiance Howard Burton. Unfortunately, the two men get into a fight and Burton kills Lester. Brawn saves ... See full summary »

Directors: Jane Murfin, Laurence Trimble | Stars: Strongheart the Dog, Irene Rich, Lee Shumway, Joseph Barrell

4. The Lone Defender (1930)

Passed | 217 min | Western, Action, Adventure

A prospector is murdered by The Cactus Kid and his gang, who hope to find the murdered man's goldmine. The miner's dog, Rin-Tin-Tin, recognizes the killers, who thereafter seek to use the ... See full summary »

Director: Richard Thorpe | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, Walter Miller, June Marlowe, Josef Swickard

Votes: 53

Rin Tin Tin. 1918-1932, 13.

9 western credits, 1922-1931.

45 total credits, 1922-1931.

5. A Hero of the Big Snows (1926)

Passed | 67 min | Action, Adventure, Romance

Rin-Tin-Tin is saved from the beatings of a trapper by Ed Nolan, a shiftless trapper himself, and 'Rinty" follows Nolan home to his cabin but refuses to enter. Nolan takes him to the home ... See full summary »

Director: Herman C. Raymaker | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, Alice Calhoun, Don Alvarado, Leo Willis

Votes: 14

6. On the Border (1930)

Passed | 46 min | Drama, Family, Western

Farrell is taking advantage of the proximity of the rancho of Don Jose to the Mexican border by smuggling Chinese across the line into the United States. Dave, a border patrol officer ... See full summary »

Director: William C. McGann | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, Armida, John Litel, Philo McCullough

7. Courage of the North (1935)

Approved | 54 min | Action, Adventure, Romance

One of three films made in the six-announced "Morton of the Mounted' series: Sergeant Bruce Morton (John Preston (I)'), in charge of the Three Rivers Post of the Royal Northwest Mounted ... See full summary »

Director: Robert Emmett Tansey | Stars: John Preston, Dynamite the Horse, Captain King of Dogs, William Desmond

Votes: 17

8. Thunderbolt (1935)

Approved | 55 min | Western

A pair of crooked deputies steal a gold shipment, murder a young boy's father and pin the blame on a cowboy. The murdered man's son and his dog set out to prove the cowboy's innocence.

Director: Stuart Paton | Stars: Lobo the Marvel Dog, Kane Richmond, Bobby Nelson, Fay McKenzie

9. Vengeance of Rannah (1936)

Passed | 56 min | Mystery, Western

Insurance Agent Ted Sanders has been called in to investigate a robbery and murder. A deputy also arrives to investigate. But unknown to Ted, the Deputy is a fake and actually part of the ... See full summary »

Director: Bernard B. Ray | Stars: Rin Tin Tin Jr., Bob Custer, John Elliott, Victoria Vinton

Votes: 33

Rin Tin Tin Jr.. 1931-.

8 westerns, 1934-1939.

14 total credits, 1932-1939.

10. The Test (1935)

Approved | 59 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

A fur trapper catches another trapper trying to steal his furs. He stops the thief, but later on the furs are stolen anyway. Rin Tin Tin Jr. tracks down the thief to try to get the furs back.

Director: Bernard B. Ray | Stars: Rin Tin Tin Jr., Grant Withers, Grace Ford, Monte Blue

Votes: 35

11. Skull and Crown (1935)

Approved | 56 min | Action, Adventure, Romance

Rin-Tin-Tin brings the killer of his mistress to justice.

Director: Elmer Clifton | Stars: Rin Tin Tin Jr., Regis Toomey, Jack Mulhall, Molly O'Day

Votes: 57

Rin Tin Tin Jr.

8 western credits

12. Law of the Wild (1934)

Approved | 225 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

Rex, a wild stallion, and Rinty, a police dog, are pals. Their master , John Sheldon, is framed for murder, and Alice Ingram plans to race Rex for money to pay for John's legal defense. ... See full summary »

Directors: B. Reeves Eason, Armand Schaefer | Stars: Rex, Rin Tin Tin Jr., Ben Turpin, Bob Custer

Votes: 58

13. The Painted Hills (1951)

Approved | 68 min | Family, Western

An intrepid dog comes to the rescue when a boy's life is put at risk by the greed inflamed by a gold strike.

Director: Harold F. Kress | Stars: Pal, Paul Kelly, Bruce Cowling, Gary Gray

Votes: 903

14. Ferocious Pal (1934)

55 min | Western

A stray German shepherd, a runaway teenage boy, and a runaway teenage girl end up at her uncle's place in Oregon, where an epidemic of sheep rustling is under way.

Director: Spencer Gordon Bennet | Stars: Kazan the Wonder Dog, Gene Toler, Ruth Sullivan, Robert Seiter

Votes: 14

15. The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin (1954–1959)

30 min | Adventure, Family, Western

Rusty was orphaned in an Indian raid. He and his dog Rin Tin Tin were adopted by the troops at Fort Apache in Arizona, and helped establish law and order in and around Mesa Grande.

Stars: Lee Aaker, James Brown, Rin Tin Tin II, Joe Sawyer

Votes: 603

Rin Tin Tin II

161 western credits, 1954-1959.

17. Melody Trail (1935)

Approved | 62 min | Action, Comedy, Music

Gene goes after the badguys after they kidnap the baby he should have been babysitting.

Director: Joseph Kane | Stars: Gene Autry, Ann Rutherford, Smiley Burnette, Wade Boteler

Votes: 72


4 westerns, 35-39.

18. Where the North Begins (1923)

60 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

A German Shepherd puppy is "adopted" by a wolf pack in the snowy and frozen Great North and raised by them as one of their own. A few years later he comes upon a fur trapper and saves the ... See full summary »

Director: Chester M. Franklin | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, Claire Adams, Fred Huntley, Walter McGrail

Votes: 48

19. Call of the Klondike (1950)

Approved | 66 min | Adventure, Crime, Western

A brother and sister are running a phony gold mine scam in the Klondike, which leads to murder. A Canadian Mountie sets out to bring them to justice.

Director: Frank McDonald | Stars: Kirby Grant, Chinook, Anne Gwynne, Lynne Roberts

Votes: 32


9 western credits

20. God's Country (1946)

Approved | 64 min | Comedy, Drama, Western

Lee Preston, aka Leland Bruce (Robert Lowery), kills a man in self defense but flees to the redwood country when the law makes it a murder charge. There he meets Lynn O'Malley (Helen Gilbert... See full summary »

Director: Robert Emmett Tansey | Stars: Robert Lowery, Helen Gilbert, William Farnum, Buster Keaton

Votes: 26

21. Ruggles of Red Gap (1923)

80 min | Comedy, Western

An English valet brought to the American west assimilates into the American way of life.

Director: James Cruze | Stars: Edward Everett Horton, Ernest Torrence, Lois Wilson, Fritzi Ridgeway

Votes: 14

22. The Adventures of Champion (1955–1956)

30 min | Adventure, Western

The exploits of Champion, a wild stallion who befriends twelve year-old Ricky North in the American Southwest in the 1880's. Although Ricky, who lived on his Uncle Sandy's ranch, had a ... See full summary »

Stars: Champion, Barry Curtis, Jim Bannon, Blaze

Votes: 100

23. The Mine with the Iron Door (1936)

Approved | 64 min | Adventure, Mystery, Romance

Having acquired the controlling interest in the Eureka Discovery Corporation for five-hundred dollars, and selling half of it to a detective for two-hundred dollars, Bob Harvey ('Richard ... See full summary »

Director: David Howard | Stars: Richard Arlen, Cecilia Parker, Henry B. Walthall, Stanley Fields

Votes: 19

Buck the Dog. Third in cast list.

26. Trailing the Killer (1932)

Passed | 65 min | Adventure, Western

While the original title, "Trailing the Killer" isn't a misnomer, it was a bit misleading since the "trailer" is a dog named Caesar Caesar the Dog) and the killer is a mountain lion, aka as... See full summary »

Director: Herman C. Raymaker | Stars: Caesar the Dog, Francis McDonald, Heinie Conklin, Joe De La Cruz

Votes: 27

27. Timber Terrors (1935)

Approved | 59 min | Action, Drama, Western

Be forewarned that "Captain (King of Dogs) "and "Dynamite (The Wonder Horse) " are billed above all of the cast except John Preston (who?), which means RCMP Sergeant Bruce Morton (John ... See full summary »

Director: Robert Emmett Tansey | Stars: John Preston, Dynamite the Horse, Captain King of Dogs, Myrla Bratton

Votes: 14

28. The Wolf Hunters (1949)

70 min | Western

After four fur trappers have been slain and their furs stolen, Corporal Rod Webb of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police sets out for their village. En route he and his dog Chinook come upon ... See full summary »

Director: Budd Boetticher | Stars: Kirby Grant, Jan Clayton, Edward Norris, Helen Parrish

Votes: 15

29. Casey Jones (1957–1958)
Episode: Night Mail (1957)

30 min | Adventure, Western

Casey's employer, the Midwest & Central Railroad faces bankruptcy unless it gets a U.S. mail contract for the St. Louis to Ft. Worth run. The catch is that the company that gets the ... See full summary »

Director: Sidney Salkow | Stars: Alan Hale Jr., Bobby Clark, Mary Lawrence, Eddy Waller

Votes: 9

30. North to Alaska (1960)

Approved | 122 min | Comedy, Romance, Western

During the Alaska gold rush, prospector George sends partner Sam to Seattle to bring his fiancée but when it turns out that she married another man, Sam returns with a pretty substitute, the hostess of the Henhouse dance hall.

Director: Henry Hathaway | Stars: John Wayne, Stewart Granger, Ernie Kovacs, Fabian

Votes: 6,598

31. The Valiant Hombre (1948)

Approved | 60 min | Action, Drama, Western

The Cisco Kid (Duncan Renaldo) and Pancho (Leo Carrillo) find a dog, Daisy (played by Daisy), grieving for its lost master. Cisco senses a plot when he later learns that the missing man, ... See full summary »

Director: Wallace Fox | Stars: Duncan Renaldo, Leo Carrillo, John Litel, Barbara Billingsley

Votes: 8


4 westerns, 44-51.

32. Teeth (1924)

Passed | Action, Adventure, Romance

Add a Plot

Director: John G. Blystone | Stars: Tom Mix, Tony the Horse, Duke the Dog, Lucy Fox

Votes: 11

33. Call the Mesquiteers (1938)

Passed | 55 min | Action, Adventure, Western

Smugglers hijack the Mesquiteers truck, but the police catch up, kill the smugglers, and then try to arrest the Mesquiteers as part of the gang. They escape but now have to prove their innocence while being hunted as wanted men.

Director: John English | Stars: Robert Livingston, Ray Corrigan, Max Terhune, Lynne Roberts

Votes: 85

34. Wild Waters (1935)

Approved | 20 min | Short, Action, Western

A young man and his trusty dog go up against a gang of crooks that are building a dam out of shoddy materials, which could collapse and flood the entire valley.

Director: William Berke | Stars: Flash the Dog, David Sharpe, Gertrude Messinger, William Desmond

Flash the Dog.

4 westerns, 34-38. 10 total credits, 25-38.

Call the Mesquiteers (1938). 1938.

35. Marked Men (1940)

Approved | 66 min | Action, Crime, Mystery

Bill Carver is a young medical-school graduate wrongly confined in prison. He escapes and finds a haven and romance in an Arizona small town. But his hopes of happiness and freedom are ... See full summary »

Director: Sam Newfield | Stars: Warren Hull, Isabel Jewell, John Dilson, Paul Bryar

Votes: 118

36. The Last Sunset (1961)

Approved | 112 min | Drama, Romance, Western

At a Mexican ranch, fugitive O'Malley and pursuing Sheriff Stribling agree to help rancher Breckenridge drive his herd into Texas where Stribling could legally arrest O'Malley, but Breckenridge's wife complicates things.

Director: Robert Aldrich | Stars: Rock Hudson, Kirk Douglas, Dorothy Malone, Joseph Cotten

Votes: 2,577 | Gross: $6.54M

37. Outlaw's Highway (1934)

Approved | 61 min | Action, Drama, Western

A lawman, his dog and his trusty white stallion fight a gang of outlaws.

Director: Robert F. Hill | Stars: Kazan the Wonder Dog, Jack King, Cactus the White Stallion, Philo McCullough

Votes: 12

38. The Proud Rebel (1958)

Approved | 103 min | Western

A Confederate veteran living in the Yankee North struggles with his son's shock induced muteness and the hate of the Northerners.

Director: Michael Curtiz | Stars: Alan Ladd, Olivia de Havilland, Dean Jagger, David Ladd

Votes: 1,248

39. The Silent Hero (1927)

Passed | 60 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

Bud Taylor loves Mary Stoddard but is leaving for Alaska in search of gold, leaving a police-dog pup with her that he has named "Phantom." Wade Burton is anxious to win Mary and her ... See full summary »

Director: Duke Worne | Stars: Napoleon the Dog, Robert Frazer, Edna Murphy, Ernest Hilliard

Votes: 9

40. The Magical World of Disney (1954–1991)
Episode: Nikki, Wild Dog of the North: Part 1 (1964)

Unrated | 60 min | Adventure, Drama, Family

Nikki, Wild Dog of the North (1961) re-edited into a two-part television presentation.

Directors: Jack Couffer, Don Haldane | Stars: Jean Coutu, Émile Genest, Uriel Luft, Robert Rivard

Votes: 7

41. Western Vengeance (1924)

50 min | Action, Western

Claim-jumpers Santag (Jim Corey), and Dick Sterling (Mack V. Wright), are after the gold mine belonging to Jack Caldwell (Franklyn Farnum), and his kid sister Helen (Doreen Turner). ... See full summary »

Director: J.P. McGowan | Stars: Franklyn Farnum, Marie Walcamp, Doreen Turner, Jim Corey

Pete the Dog.

93 credits, 24-35.

43. Thunderbolt's Tracks (1927)

Passed | Western

After WW I, two marines visit the family of one of their comrades in New Mexico. Learning that after the family bought a ranch the water supply was cut off, they take up the fight. To ... See full summary »

Director: J.P. McGowan | Stars: Jack Perrin, Starlight the Horse, Rex the Dog, Pauline Curley

44. Hondo (1953)

PG | 83 min | Drama, Romance, War

Army dispatch rider Hondo Lane discovers a woman and young son living in the midst of warring Apaches and becomes their protector.

Director: John Farrow | Stars: John Wayne, Geraldine Page, Ward Bond, Michael Pate

Votes: 8,804

Sam. According to the trivia, Sam is Pal, the dog of "The Painted Hills".