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1. Porgy and Bess (1959)

138 min | Drama, Musical, Romance

A woman whose past is scorned by nearly everyone around her meets a man who'd love her regardlessly- if only everyone else would allow them to.

Directors: Otto Preminger, Rouben Mamoulian | Stars: Sidney Poitier, Dorothy Dandridge, Sammy Davis Jr., Pearl Bailey

Votes: 1,419

N+1/ Probably still tied up in ownership by Gershwin estate, but if possible to release, please use original aspect ratio.

2. Ladies of the Chorus (1948)

Approved | 61 min | Musical, Romance

A chorus girl falls in love with a wealthy young man, but their relationship is jeopardized by her mother's fears about the reaction of his family.

Director: Phil Karlson | Stars: Adele Jergens, Marilyn Monroe, Rand Brooks, Nana Bryant

Votes: 884

N+1/ Marilyn Monroe, not yet available in region 1?

3. Pepe (1960)

Unrated | 180 min | Comedy, Musical

The young Mexican Pepe's beloved horse is sold to Hollywood star Ted Holt, leading to Pepe's journey to Hollywood to get the horse back, and Pepe's encounter with half the stars working in Hollywood at the time.

Director: George Sidney | Stars: Cantinflas, Dan Dailey, Shirley Jones, Carlos Montalbán

Votes: 770 | Gross: $9.60M

N+1/ Cantinflas, Dan Dailey, Shirley Jones and many big-name cameos.

4. The Beloved Vagabond (1936)

Approved | 78 min | Drama, Musical

In London at the turn of the century, Gaston du Nerac is due to marry his fiancee, Joanna. When her father finds himself in financial trouble, Gaston reluctantly accepts help from a rival - on condition that he never sees Joanna again.

Director: Curtis Bernhardt | Stars: Maurice Chevalier, Betty Stockfeld, Margaret Lockwood, Desmond Tester

Votes: 36

N+1/ Several Maurice Chevalier musicals from the '30s have been released by Criterion and Kino. One more would be welcome.

5. Convicted (1938)

Approved | 58 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Police Detective Burns (Charles Quigley) is helping Jerry Wheeler (Rita Hayworth), a night-club singer, track down the killer of a gold-digger, for which crime her brother, "Chick," (Edgar ... See full summary »

Director: Leon Barsha | Stars: Charles Quigley, Rita Hayworth, Marc Lawrence, George McKay

Votes: 81

N+1/ Rita Hayworth

6. When a Girl's Beautiful (1947)

Approved | 68 min | Comedy, Music, Romance

Model Adele Jordon breaks up with the model-agency's wealthiest perfume client, and he requests a new model who possesses all of the elements of beauty for their new campaign. Johnny Hanley... See full summary »

Director: Frank McDonald | Stars: Adele Jergens, Marc Platt, Patricia Barry, Stephen Dunne

Votes: 7

N+1/ Adele Jergens, Marc Platt

7. All American Sweetheart (1937)

Approved | 62 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Cap Collender (Arthur Loft),a showboat gambling racketeer, ensnares a collegiate rowing team's coxswain, "Squirt" Adams (Jimmy Eagles), into the sports-gambling racket. "Squirt" is also the... See full summary »

Director: Lambert Hillyer | Stars: Patricia Farr, Scott Kolk, Gene Morgan, James Eagles

N+1/ Louis Da Pron

8. Something to Shout About (1943)

90 min | Musical

Following three flops in a row, Broadway stage producer Willard Samson is told by wealthy divorcée Donna Davis that she will finance a show but only if she is the star. The fact she can ... See full summary »

Director: Gregory Ratoff | Stars: Don Ameche, Janet Blair, Jack Oakie, William Gaxton

Votes: 74

N+2/ Don Ameche, Janet Blair, Jack Oakie

9. One Exciting Night (1944)

Approved | 89 min | Comedy, Musical

A young singer meets a man who is the victim of a kidnap plot, and is assumed by the gang to be his girlfriend.

Director: Walter Forde | Stars: Vera Lynn, Donald Stewart, Mary Clare, Frederick Leister

Votes: 58

N+2/ Vera Lynn

10. Sweethearts on Parade (1930)

Passed | 65 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

Helen and Nita work in a department store to make ends meet while they search for millionaire husbands. They meet Bill and Hank, who make them reconsider whether they really need millionaires to be happy.

Director: Marshall Neilan | Stars: Alice White, Lloyd Hughes, Marie Prevost, Kenneth Thomson

Votes: 30

N+2/ Alice White

11. The Girl Friend (1935)

Approved | 67 min | Comedy, Music, Romance

An actor and two songwriters become rural con men.

Director: Edward Buzzell | Stars: Ann Sothern, Jack Haley, Roger Pryor, Thurston Hall

Votes: 25

N+2/ Ann Sothern, Jack Haley

N+2/ Ann Sothern

13. Calypso Heat Wave (1957)

Approved | 86 min | Drama, Musical

Everything's going well at Disco Records, where singer Johnny Conroy is popular and publicity chief Marty Collins is good at her job, as well as in love with company boss Mack Adams. Everything changes when Barney Pearl shows up.

Director: Fred F. Sears | Stars: Johnny Desmond, Merry Anders, Meg Myles, Paul Langton

Votes: 71

N+2/ Joel Grey, Maya Angelou (acts/dances)

14. Holiday in Havana (1949)

73 min | Comedy, Musical

Carlos Estrada, a busboy in a Cuban hotel who wants to become a composer, is rebuffed by Mama Valdez when he tries to get her daughter, singer-dancer Lolita Veldez, to use one of his songs.... See full summary »

Director: Jean Yarbrough | Stars: Desi Arnaz, Mary Hatcher, Ann Doran, Steven Geray

Votes: 36

N+2/ Desi Arnaz

15. When You're in Love (1937)

Approved | 110 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

Artist Jimmy Hudson (Cary Grant) is stuck in Mexico unable to pay his hotel bill. Meanwhile, Louise Fuller (Grace Moore) opera singer is stuck in the same town unable to return to the US ... See full summary »

Directors: Robert Riskin, Harry Lachman | Stars: Grace Moore, Cary Grant, Aline MacMahon, Henry Stephenson

Votes: 302

N+3/ Cary Grant, Grace Moore

16. Love Me Forever (1935)

Approved | 91 min | Drama, Musical, Romance

A man who loves an aspiring opera singer is prepared to sacrifice everything to help her with her career, even though he knows she doesn't love him.

Director: Victor Schertzinger | Stars: Grace Moore, Leo Carrillo, Robert Allen, Spring Byington

Votes: 76

N+3/ Grace Moore, Leo Carrillo, Douglass Dumbrille

17. The King Steps Out (1936)

85 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

Princess is destined to marry the Emperor, until her sister steps in.

Director: Josef von Sternberg | Stars: Franchot Tone, Grace Moore, Walter Connolly, Raymond Walburn

Votes: 179

N+3/ Grace Moore, Franchot Tone, dir. Joseph Von Sternberg

18. I'll Take Romance (1937)

Passed | 90 min | Music, Romance

An opera manager tries to woo a contract-breaking soprano into performing in Buenos Aires.

Director: Edward H. Griffith | Stars: Grace Moore, Melvyn Douglas, Helen Westley, Stuart Erwin

Votes: 97

N+3/ Grace Moore, Melvyn Douglas, Helen Westley |

19. Song Without End (1960)

Not Rated | 141 min | Biography, Drama, Music

The romantic story of Hungarian pianist Franz Liszt (Sir Dirk Bogarde), whose scandalous love affair forced him to abandon his adoring audiences.

Directors: Charles Vidor, George Cukor | Stars: Dirk Bogarde, Capucine, Geneviève Page, Patricia Morison

Votes: 555

N+3/ Dirk Bogarde, Capucine, Geneviève Page, Patricia Morison; already on dvd

20. Swan Lake (1957)

81 min | Music

Asaf Messerer's take on the iconic ballet featuring the renowned prima ballerina assoluta Maya Plisetskaya.

Director: Zoya. Tulubyeva | Stars: Maya Plisetskaya, Nikolai Fedeychev, Viktor. Khomyakov, Viktor Levashev

Votes: 22

N+3/ ballet

21. A Midsummer Night's Dream (1967)

93 min | Music

A ballet version (using Felix Mendelssohn's music) of Shakespeare's play,featuring the New York City Ballet.

Directors: George Balanchine, Dan Eriksen | Stars: Suzanne Farrell, Edward Villella, Arthur Mitchell, Mimi Paul

Votes: 18

N+3/ Suzanne Farrell, Edward Villella, Arthur Mitchell, Jacques d'Amboise

22. The Eddy Duchin Story (1956)

Approved | 123 min | Biography, Drama, Music

The life story of the famous pianist and band-leader of the 1930s and 1940s.

Director: George Sidney | Stars: Tyrone Power, Kim Novak, Victoria Shaw, James Whitmore

Votes: 1,559

N+3/ Tyrone Power, Kim Novak; already on dvd

23. Glamour Girl (1948)

Approved | 68 min | Drama, Music, Romance

The marriage of Ray Royle (Jack Leonard) to recording company talent scout Lorraine (Virginia Grey) ends in divorce after she tries to dictate both his personal and professional life. Her ... See full summary »

Director: Arthur Dreifuss | Stars: Gene Krupa and His Orchestra, Gene Krupa, Virginia Grey, Michael Duane

Votes: 8

N+4/ Gene Krupa and His Orchestra, Virginia Grey

24. The Gene Krupa Story (1959)

101 min | Biography, Drama, Music

The story of legendary jazz drummer, Gene Krupa. Since his youth, all Gene ever wanted to do is play the drums and make music. This is something his parents would not approve of- they want ... See full summary »

Director: Don Weis | Stars: Sal Mineo, Susan Kohner, James Darren, Susan Oliver

Votes: 527

N+4/ Sal Mineo, Susan Kohner, James Darren, Susan Oliver, Yvonne Craig, Red Nichols, Bobby Troup, Anita O'Day; already on dvd

N+4/ Louis Prima, Keely Smith

N+4/ Louis Prima, Keely Smith

N+4/ Phil Harris, Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson

28. I Surrender Dear (1948)

Approved | 67 min | Musical, Romance

Patty Nelson, using the name of Parry Hart, auditions for and gets the job as a band-singer with Al Tyler's orchestra. Al, of course, falls in love with her and she with him. Back in Los ... See full summary »

Director: Arthur Dreifuss | Stars: Gloria Jean, David Street, Don McGuire, Alice Tyrrell

N+4/ Gloria Jean

29. Manhattan Angel (1949)

Passed | 68 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

Gloria Cole and Eddie Swenson are working to keep an old fire house, now being used as a youth center, from being razed to make room for a new skyscraper in Manhattan. Gloria enters a ... See full summary »

Director: Arthur Dreifuss | Stars: Gloria Jean, Ross Ford, Patricia Barry, Thurston Hall

Votes: 10

N+4/ Gloria Jean

N+4/ Arnold Stang, Mel Tormé

31. The Jolson Story (1946)

Approved | 128 min | Biography, Drama, Music

This movie shows the idealized career of the singer Al Jolson, a little Jewish boy who goes against the will of his father in order to be in showbiz. He becomes a star, falls in love with a... See full summary »

Director: Alfred E. Green | Stars: Larry Parks, Evelyn Keyes, William Demarest, Bill Goodwin

Votes: 1,423

N+5/ Larry Parks, Evelyn Keyes, William Demarest, Bill Goodwin; already on dvd

32. Jolson Sings Again (1949)

96 min | Biography, Music

In this sequel to The Jolson Story, we pick up the singer's career just as he has returned to the stage after a premature retirement. But his wife has left him and the appeal of the ... See full summary »

Director: Henry Levin | Stars: Larry Parks, Barbara Hale, William Demarest, Ludwig Donath

Votes: 552

N+5/ Larry Parks, Barbara Hale, William Demarest, Bill Goodwin; already on dvd

33. Stars on Parade (1944)

Approved | 63 min | Comedy, Music

Danny Davis (Larry Parks) and Dorothy Deane (Lynn Merrick) are two Hollywood hopefuls out to convince some movie producers that there is a great deal of undiscovered talent in Hollywood's ... See full summary »

Director: Lew Landers | Stars: Larry Parks, Lynn Merrick, Ray Walker, Jeff Donnell

N+5/ Larry Parks, Nat 'King' Cole

N+5/ Jane Frazee, Larry Parks, Jane Darwell, Nina Foch

35. Beautiful But Broke (1944)

Approved | 74 min | Comedy, Music

Theatrical agent Waldo Main (John Eldredge) is inducted into the army, and turns his (now clientless) agency over to his secretary Dottie Duncan (Joan Davis). Dottie decides to organize an ... See full summary »

Director: Charles Barton | Stars: Joan Davis, John Hubbard, Jane Frazee, Judy Clark

Votes: 47

N+5/ Joan Davis, John Hubbard, Jane Frazee

36. Kansas City Kitty (1944)

Approved | 71 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

Polly, an amiable wisecracking piano teacher, becomes involved with some shady music publishers. She also happens to be infatuated with her music loving dentist Henry--who is not quite as ... See full summary »

Director: Del Lord | Stars: Joan Davis, Bob Crosby, Jane Frazee, Erik Rolf

Votes: 40

N+5/ Joan Davis, Bob Crosby, Jane Frazee

N+5/ Bob Crosby

38. Two Tickets to Paris (1962)

90 min | Comedy, Musical

In this musical, fairly light movie, two young people, Joey and Piper are in love. They embark on a cruise to Paris to get married, with the acerbic but kind Aggie as a chaperon. Along the ... See full summary »

Director: Greg Garrison | Stars: Joey Dee, Gary Crosby, Kay Medford, Jeri Lynn Frazer

Votes: 37

N+5/ Gary Crosby, Kay Medford

N+6/ Eve Arden

40. Sing for Your Supper (1941)

Passed | 66 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

Evelyn Palmer, a débutante society girl who also is a property landlord, becomes interested in the plight of one of her tenants, a struggling band-leader, to the extent she becomes a ... See full summary »

Director: Charles Barton | Stars: Jinx Falkenburg, Charles 'Buddy' Rogers, Bert Gordon, Eve Arden

Votes: 8

N+6/ Jinx Falkenburg, Charles 'Buddy' Rogers, Eve Arden

41. Two Latins from Manhattan (1941)

Passed | 65 min | Comedy, Music

Joan Daley (Joan Davis), a New York booking/press agent, attempts to recruit two local stand-ins, Jinx Terry (Jinx Falkenburg) and Lois Morgan (Joan Woodbury), when the Cuban sister-act, ... See full summary »

Director: Charles Barton | Stars: Joan Davis, Jinx Falkenburg, Joan Woodbury, Fortunio Bonanova

Votes: 12

N+6/ Joan Davis, Jinx Falkenburg, Fortunio Bonanova, Lloyd Bridges

42. Lucky Legs (1942)

Approved | 64 min | Comedy, Crime, Musical

Chorus girl Gloria Carroll inherits one million dollars from Broadway playboy Herbert Dinwiddle. Producer Ned McLane persuades her to advance him the money on a production called "Lucky ... See full summary »

Director: Charles Barton | Stars: Jinx Falkenburg, Leslie Brooks, Kay Harris, Russell Hayden

Votes: 16

N+6/ Jinx Falkenburg

N+6/ Jinx Falkenburg, Dave O'Brien

44. Two Señoritas from Chicago (1943)

Approved | 68 min | Comedy, Musical

Daisy Baker, a Chicago "refuse collector" who fancies herself as a theatrical agent, finds a play which had been thrown away by two Portuguese playwrights. Without bothering to get ... See full summary »

Director: Frank Woodruff | Stars: Joan Davis, Jinx Falkenburg, Ann Savage, Leslie Brooks

Votes: 15

N+6/ Joan Davis, Jinx Falkenburg, Ann Savage |

45. Meet Me on Broadway (1946)

Passed | 78 min | Comedy, Musical

Believing that he can produce better Broadway shows without the hindrance of his producer, Eddie Dolan quits the musical he is directing, taking his starring actress and sweetheart, Ann ... See full summary »

Director: Leigh Jason | Stars: Marjorie Reynolds, Frederick Brady, Jinx Falkenburg, Spring Byington

Votes: 73

N+6/ Marjorie Reynolds, Jinx Falkenburg, Spring Byington, Allen Jenkins, Gene Lockhart

46. Talk About a Lady (1946)

Passed | 71 min | Musical, Romance