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1. Knack (2013 Video Game)

E10+ | Action, Adventure, Family

Knack and his creator go on a journey to save humankind from a species known as the Goblins.

Directors: Mark Cerny, James D. Mortellaro | Stars: Ike Amadi, JB Blanc, Josh Keaton, Travis Willingham

Votes: 385

2. Sonic Forces (2017 Video Game)

E10+ | Animation, Action, Adventure

When 99% of the world has been taken over - and an alternate version of Sonic has been summoned by Dr. Eggman, Sonic and friends create a resistance to fight back his evil forces.

Director: Morio Kishimoto | Stars: Roger Craig Smith, Mike Pollock, Colleen O'Shaughnessey, Travis Willingham

Votes: 561

3. Tearaway Unfolded (2015 Video Game)


A PS4 remake of the original, you control the messengers Iota or Atoi who are tasked with delivering a message to a portal that has mysteriously opened in the sky, displaying you (referred to as "The You" in game).

Stars: Alicia Suszka-Fielder, Richard Ridings, Dexter Norbury-Bell, Lu Corfield

Votes: 84

4. Abzû (2016 Video Game)

E | Adventure

A nameless scuba diver explores the depths of the ocean.

Director: Matt Nava

Votes: 589

5. The Wolf Among Us (2013 Video Game)

M | Action, Adventure, Crime

As Bigby Wolf, the big bad wolf in human form, you will discover that the brutal, bloody murder of a Fable is just a taste of things to come when another dead Fable is found which starts the hunt for a serial killer.

Directors: Nick Herman, Jason Latino, Dennis Lenart | Stars: Adam Harrington, Erin Yvette, Chuck Kourouklis, Melissa Hutchison

Votes: 5,266

6. The Walking Dead: Season Two (2013 Video Game)

M | Action, Adventure, Drama

Left to fend for herself, Clementine has been forced to learn how to survive in a world gone mad. Many months have passed and she is in search of safety.

Directors: Sean Ainsworth, Jason Latino, Dennis Lenart, Eric Parsons, Graham Ross | Stars: Melissa Hutchison, Scott Porter, Mara Junot, Owen Thomas

Votes: 5,308

7. The Walking Dead (2012 Video Game)

M | Action, Adventure, Drama

In a world devastated by the undead, a convicted criminal is given a second chance at life when he comes across a little girl named Clementine.

Directors: Sean Ainsworth, Nick Herman, Dennis Lenart, Eric Parsons, Jake Rodkin, Sean Vanaman | Stars: Dave Fennoy, Melissa Hutchison, Nick Herman, Chuck Kourouklis

Votes: 9,718

8. Tales from the Borderlands: A Telltale Games Series (2014 Video Game)

M | Action, Adventure, Comedy

Corporate stooge Rhys, and Con woman Fiona team up to discover the secret of an alien vault on the dangerous planet pandora.

Directors: Nick Herman, Martin Montgomery, Ashley Ruhl, Jonathan Stauder | Stars: Troy Baker, Laura Bailey, Chris Hardwick, Erin Yvette

Votes: 3,067

9. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (2016 Video Game)

M | Action, Horror

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a descent into madness, taking you on a terrifying roller coaster ride of thrills and scares in a fast-paced, arcade-style VR shooter.

Stars: Larry Fessenden, Ella Lentini

Votes: 84

10. Batman: Arkham VR (2016 Video Game)

M | Action, Adventure, Crime

Set before the events of Arkham Knight, you play as the masked crusader in virtual reality to find out the case of nightwing beaten to death, so you must find out who did it in this crime-mystery action packed vr gameplay.

Director: Sefton Hill | Stars: Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy, Troy Baker, Steve Blum

Votes: 213

11. Super Mario 3D Land (2011 Video Game)

E | Action, Adventure, Family

Princess Peach once again gets kidnapped by Bowser, you are in control of Mario and Luigi and you play in a 3D environment with level design similar to a typical 2D Super Mario adventure.

Director: Koichi Hayashida | Stars: Kenny James, Samantha Kelly, Charles Martinet, Lani Minella

Votes: 1,167

12. New Super Mario Bros. 2 (2012 Video Game)

E | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

When Princess Peach is kidnapped by Bowser and the Koopalings again, it's up to Mario and Luigi to travel through 9 worlds and 85 levels to save her, with some coin-collecting along the way.

Director: Yusuke Amano | Stars: Dan Falcone, Kenny James, Samantha Kelly, Charles Martinet

Votes: 977

13. Kirby: Triple Deluxe (2014 Video Game)

E | Action, Adventure

After a relaxing day in Dreamland, Kirby discovers that a dream stalk has uplifted his house into the sky. When he climbs towards King Dedede's castle, a strange spiderlike creature rises up and kidnaps him, and ascends into the sky.

Director: Shinya Kumazaki | Stars: Makiko Ômoto, Shinya Kumazaki

Votes: 480

14. Chibi robo! (2005 Video Game)

E10+ | Adventure, Family, Sci-Fi

Like most families, the Sanderson's bicker about money and cleaning. Unlike most families though, they also have robotic spiders, aliens, and talking toys to worry about. Enter Chibi-Robo, ... See full summary »

Directors: Hiroshi Moriyama, Kenichi Nishi

Votes: 46


15. New Super Mario Bros. (2006 Video Game)

E | Action, Adventure, Family

On a relaxing walk with Mario, Princess Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser Jr, and Mario must travel across 8 different themed worlds to save her.

Directors: Shigeyuki Asuke, Motoi Okamoto | Stars: Charles Martinet, Nicole Mills, Dolores Rogers, Kazumi Totaka

Votes: 1,793

16. Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension (2011 TV Movie)

TV-G | 78 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

Phineas and Ferb discover that Perry is a secret agent, and they all get stuck in an alternate dimension where Doofenschmirtz is the ruler of the tri-state area.

Directors: Robert Hughes, Dan Povenmire, Jay Lender, Jeff 'Swampy' Marsh, Kyle Menke | Stars: Vincent Martella, Ashley Tisdale, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Caroline Rhea

Votes: 7,466

17. New Super Mario Bros. U (2012 Video Game)

E | Action, Adventure, Family

Bowser invades Princess Peach's castle using a giant mechanical arm to throw Mario, Luigi and 2 Toads far away. Mario and company must now travel across this new land and find a way to go to the Princess' castle in order to save Princess Peach.

Director: Masataka Takemoto | Stars: Dan Falcone, Kenny James, Samantha Kelly, Charles Martinet

Votes: 953

18. Super Mario 3D World (2013 Video Game)

E | Action, Adventure, Family

Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi and Toad must save the Sprixie Princesses after Bowser has captured them in their kingdom.

Director: Koichi Hayashida | Stars: Charles Martinet, Samantha Kelly, Laura Faye Smith, Zoe Nelson

Votes: 1,313

19. Mario Kart 8: Deluxe (2017 Video Game)

E | Action, Adventure, Family

An enhanced version of Mario Kart 8 (2014) for the Nintendo Switch. Includes all previous DLC, a revamped Battle Mode, the Inklings from Splatoon and returning fan-favorite characters like King Boo and Bowser Jr.

Director: Yusuke Shiraiwa | Stars: Tomo Adachi, Toru Asakawa, Nate Bihldorff, David Cooke

Votes: 1,138


20. Mario Party 10 (2015 Video Game)

E | Action, Adventure, Family

Mario and friends go on another party.

Directors: Kenji Kikuchi, Shuichiro Nishiya | Stars: Charles Martinet, Samantha Kelly, Deanna Mustard, Kazumi Totaka

Votes: 236

21. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (2014 Video Game)

E | Action, Adventure, Family

When Captain Toad and Captain Toadette are out adventuring, they encounter a Power Star. Unfortunately, Wingo, liver of all things shiny, steals the Power Star, along with Toadette.

Directors: Shinya Hiratake, Kenta Motokura | Star: Samantha Kelly

Votes: 154

22. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (2014 Video Game)

E | Action, Adventure, Family

Donkey Kong is celebrating his birthday, when suddenly a snowflake blows in and extinguishes the birthday candle. He turns away and sees a group of anthropomorphic animal Vikings sail towards Donkey Kong Island.

Stars: Takashi Nagasako, Katsumi Suzuki, Toshihide Tsuchiya, Kaoru Sasajima

Votes: 409

23. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (2015 Video Game)


A mysterious hole opens in the sky, draining all the color from Dream Land and stopping everything and everyone in its tracks. Wanting to put a stop to it and restore Planet Popstar's color, Kirby and friends set off to Seventopia.

Director: Kazushige Masuda | Stars: Makiko Ômoto, Shinya Kumazaki

Votes: 32

24. Bayonetta 2 (2014 Video Game)

M | Action, Adventure, Comedy

When Jeanne's soul is dragged into the depths of Inferno after a demon summoning goes horribly wrong, Bayonetta goes on a dangerous quest to Inferno to rescue her friend before its too late.

Directors: Yusuke Hashimoto, Isao Negishi | Stars: Hellena Taylor, Mark Daugherty, Crispin Freeman, J. Grant Albrecht

Votes: 407

25. Lego Dimensions (2015 Video Game)

E10+ | Action, Adventure, Comedy

When a mysterious and powerful vortex appears in various lego worlds, Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle bravely jump into the vortex and travel through space and time to rescue their friends.

Directors: James McLoughlin, Arthur Parsons, Justin Villiers, Jon Burton | Stars: Will Arnett, Sean Astin, Dan Aykroyd, Laura Bailey

Votes: 612


26. SteamWorld Dig (2014 Video Game)

E10+ | Animation, Action, Adventure

Take the role of Rusty, a lone mining steambot, as he arrives at an old mining town in great need. Dig your way through the old earth, gaining riches while uncovering the ancient threat that lurks below.

Votes: 64

28. Kirby's Epic Yarn (2010 Video Game)


Kirby is banished into Patch Land, a world completely made of fabric,and must collect seven pieces of magic yarn that will restore the torn kingdom.

Director: Kentaro Sei | Stars: Makiko Ômoto, Tomoko Nakamura, Pablo Magaz, France Marien

Votes: 546

29. The House of the Dead: Overkill (2009 Video Game)

M | Action, Comedy, Crime

Special Agent G -- is given his first assignment fresh out of the AMS academy. Teamed up with hard-boiled Detective Washington, they are sent to investigate stories of mysterious ... See full summary »

Stars: Will Sierra, Sora Connor, Anthony Aroya, Armand St. Juste

Votes: 168

30. Wario Land: Shake It! (2008 Video Game)

E | Action, Adventure, Comedy

A dreaded pirate takes over a peaceful dimension, and the only hero they can reach is Wario. He embarks on an adventure across the dimension to stop the pirate - and collect as much gold as he can.

Director: Madoka Yamauchi | Stars: Charles Martinet, Tsuguo Mogami, Hitomi Hirose

Votes: 60

31. DuckTales: Remastered (2013 Video Game)

E | Animation, Action, Adventure

Scrooge McDuck and his family travel around the world searching for legendary treasures.

Director: Austin Ivansmith | Stars: Eric Bauza, Chris Edgerly, June Foray, Brian George

Votes: 280


32. Call of Duty: Ghosts (2013 Video Game)

M | Action, Adventure, Crime

Ten years after a terrible attack that wipes out part of the population, two brothers must rebel against a federation controlled by a psychotic soldier who once was part of the rebellion called "The Ghosts".

Director: Sylvain Doreau | Stars: Brandon Routh, Brian Bloom, Jeffrey Pierce, Kevin Gage

Votes: 6,941

33. LittleBigPlanet PS Vita (2012 Video Game)

Adventure, Comedy, Family

Little Big Planet Vita is another little big planet game. This little big planet game uses the front and back touch for the game. It has most online features unlike the psp and has a little more than lbp2 has.

Stars: Stephen Fry, Nicholas Boulton, Jo Wyatt, Dave Mervik

Votes: 122

34. Tearaway (2013 Video Game)


Tearaway is a PS Vita game about a messenger on a mission to deliver a message to you. You can choose to play as the male character, Iota, or the female, Atoi, and navigate through a world constructed from paper to deliver the message.

Stars: Lorna Brown, Richard Ridings

Votes: 79

35. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (2014 Video Game)

M | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Set in the year 2054, a private military corporation (PMC) has emerged with the power to rescue humanity from a devastated world struggling to rebuild after a global attack on its military and infrastructure.

Directors: Michael Condrey, Glen A. Schofield, Keith Arem | Stars: Kevin Spacey, Adetokumboh M'Cormack, Angela Gots, Brian Bloom

Votes: 6,301

36. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (2016 Video Game)

M | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Returns to the roots of the franchise where large-scale war and cinematic, immersive military storytelling take center stage.

Stars: Brian Bloom, Claudia Christian, Claudia Black, David Hasselhoff

Votes: 2,777

37. Sonic and the Black Knight (2009 Video Game)

E10+ | Action, Adventure, Family

Sonic is sucked into the world of King Arthur where he is tasked with slaying the corrupted king

Director: Tetsu Katano | Stars: Jun'ichi Kanemaru, Kôji Yusa, Nobutoshi Canna, Nao Takamori

Votes: 187

38. Shadow the Hedgehog (2005 Video Game)

E10+ | Action, Adventure, Crime

Suffering from Amnesia, Shadow the hedgehog goes to extreme measures to discover the truth about his cloudy past and find out who - or what - he really is, all the while caught up in a three sided war between the GUN army, Dr. Eggman, and a strange race of alien invaders.

Director: Takashi Iizuka | Stars: Jason Griffith, Sean Schemmel, Amy Palant, Dan Green

Votes: 441

40. Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (2013 Video Game)

Adventure, Fantasy

When Minnie is kidnapped by the evil witch Mizrabel, it's up to Mickey to venture into her castle.

Director: Marcus Fielding | Stars: Nika Futterman, Bret Iwan, Richard McGonagle, Russi Taylor

Votes: 86

41. Super Bomberman R (2017 Video Game)

E10+ | Action, Family

Emperor Buggler resurrects five robots to be his new henchmen and proclaims his goal to conquer the universe. Bomberman brother White immediately takes up the challenge and forces his siblings to come with him.

Stars: Peter von Gomm, Jon Sabay, Jeff Gedert, Jeff Manning

Votes: 61

42. Ryse: Son of Rome (2013 Video Game)

M | Action

After his family is murdered, a Roman warrior must fight the barbarian horde to fulfill his fathers last dying wish, to protect Rome.

Directors: Cevat Yerli, Peter Gornstein | Stars: John Hopkins, Richard Teverson, Jamie Ballard, Rachel McDowall

Votes: 1,194

43. Sunset Overdrive (2014 Video Game)

M | Action, Adventure, Comedy

Set in 2027, a corrupt Corporation known as FizzCo has released a new energy called Delrium Overcharge XT.

Director: Marcus Smith | Stars: Stephanie Lemelin, Yuri Lowenthal, Larry Herron, Sam McMurray

Votes: 726

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