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1. The Boxer (1972)

R | 83 min | Crime, Drama

Boxer Teddy Wilcox (Robert Blake) leaves his manager and relocates. He finds Nick, a manager/trainer. Before Wilcox's first fight, Nick receives a threat-- Wilcox loses, or Nick will die. ... See full summary »

Director: Francesco Prosperi | Stars: Robert Blake, Catherine Spaak, Ernest Borgnine, Gabriele Ferzetti

Votes: 129

2. Elmer (1976)

G | 82 min | Drama, Family

Elmer is a huge hound dog with a big problem - he's quite old, but he thinks he's a pup. This gets poor Elmer into plenty of trouble.

Director: Christopher Cain | Stars: Lynn Perry, Dean Cain, Frank Russell, Charlotte Dill

Votes: 20

3. Operation Julie (1985 TV Movie)

180 min | Crime

The real-life story of a famous police operation which resulted in a major drugs bust.

Director: Bob Mahoney | Stars: Colin Blakely, Kay Adshead, John Ainley, Peter Baldwin

Votes: 28

4. Journey Into Fear (1975)

R | 100 min | Thriller

An American geologist accidentally discovers oil in Turkish mountains. An assassin is sent by someone to eliminate him because of that. He boards a passenger boat to try to escape. However, one of the passengers is the assassin.

Director: Daniel Mann | Stars: Sam Waterston, Zero Mostel, Yvette Mimieux, Scott Marlowe

Votes: 124

5. Deadly Sunday (1982)

105 min | Thriller

A family on vacation stops at a roadside restaurant where a gang of criminals are holding the employees hostage. When one of the hostages tries to enlist their help, the family is added to ... See full summary »

Director: Donald M. Jones | Stars: Dennis Ely, Henry G. Sanders, Gyl Roland, Douglas Alexander

Votes: 44

6. Salty (1973)

G | 90 min | Family, Comedy, Drama

After their parents are killed in a hurricane, Taylor and Tim Reed are unofficially adopted by the semi-retired owner of a marina in the Bahamas. The Reed children are also "adopted" by a ... See full summary »

Director: Ricou Browning | Stars: Mark Slade, Nina Foch, Julius Harris, Linda Scruggs

Votes: 45

7. The Streets of L.A. (1979 TV Movie)

94 min | Drama

The true story of an Anglo woman's venture into the Mexican-American barrio to seek restitution from vandals who slashed her tires.

Director: Jerrold Freedman | Stars: Joanne Woodward, Robert Webber, Michael C. Gwynne, Audrey Christie

Votes: 22

8. The Wild Beasts (1984)

Unrated | 92 min | Horror

The water supply for a large city zoo becomes contaminated with PCP, and the animals go crazy and get loose.

Director: Franco Prosperi | Stars: Lorraine De Selle, Antonio Di Leo, Ugo Bologna, Louisa Lloyd

Votes: 798

"The Wild Beasts"

9. What Waits Below (1984)

PG | 88 min | Action, Horror

The U.S. government has been using deep caves in Central America as bases for a special type of radio transmitter used for communicating with submaries. When the signal from one of these ... See full summary »

Director: Don Sharp | Stars: Robert Powell, Timothy Bottoms, Lisa Blount, Richard Johnson

Votes: 430

10. Diary of a Teenage Hitchhiker (1979 TV Movie)

96 min | Drama

Teenage Julie Thurston has no wheels, so she hitchhikes to get around. Unfortunately, a psychopath is roaming the highways, picking up young girls and raping them.

Director: Ted Post | Stars: Dominique Dunne, Dick Van Patten, Katherine Helmond, James Carroll Jordan

Votes: 128

11. Mean Dog Blues (1978)

R | 108 min | Drama, Action, Thriller

When his friend injures a little girl in a small southern town while driving drunk, country singer Paul agrees to state in court he had been driving. But his lawyer betrays him, and he ends... See full summary »

Director: Mel Stuart | Stars: Gregg Henry, Kay Lenz, Scatman Crothers, Tina Louise

Votes: 213

12. Return Engagement (1978 TV Movie)

TV-PG | 74 min | Drama

A live-theater production which Dame Elizabeth Taylor stars as Dr. Emily Loomis, a professor of ancient history at a small California college, who reluctantly agrees to rent a room in her ... See full summary »

Director: Joseph Hardy | Stars: Elizabeth Taylor, Joseph Bottoms, Allyn Ann McLerie, Peter Donat

Votes: 55

13. Terror in the Wax Museum (1973)

PG | 93 min | Horror, Mystery

The murder of a Wax Museum proprietor and some other strange goings-on in the vicinity prompt a police investigator to determine whether the killer is one of the principles who wants to own... See full summary »

Director: Georg Fenady | Stars: Ray Milland, Elsa Lanchester, Maurice Evans, John Carradine

Votes: 466

14. W (1974)

PG | 95 min | Thriller

Katie Lewis and her husband Ben discover that they are the targets of a mysterious killer who leaves the letter W at the scene of their near-fatal "accidents." While trying to avoid death, the couple must struggle to discover the source of these attacks.

Director: Richard Quine | Stars: Twiggy, Michael Witney, Eugene Roche, Dirk Benedict

Votes: 93

15. Arnold (1973)

PG | 94 min | Comedy, Horror, Mystery

Upon his death, Arnold marries his lover, Karen, in spite of his widow, and leaves deathtraps accompanied by audiotapes and his preserved and articulate corpse for those who cared only for his money.

Director: Georg Fenady | Stars: Stella Stevens, Roddy McDowall, Elsa Lanchester, Shani Wallis

Votes: 356

16. The Lost Empire (1984)

Not Rated | 83 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

Seeking revenge, officer Angel Wolfe, her Native American friend Whitestar, and outlaw Heather infiltrate a fortified island where an undead wizard and his evil cult force captured women to take part in gladiatorial tournaments.

Director: Jim Wynorski | Stars: Melanie Vincz, Raven De La Croix, Angela Aames, Paul Coufos

Votes: 972

17. Father Figure (1980 TV Movie)

100 min | Drama

A man's extra-marital affair drives his wife to commit suicide, after which his younger son grows close to him but the older son hates him.

Director: Jerry London | Stars: Hal Linden, Timothy Hutton, Jeremy Licht, Martha Scott

Votes: 55

18. The Sea Serpent (1985)

92 min | Adventure, Horror

A serpent, created by radioactivity, threatens a Spanish coastal town.

Director: Amando de Ossorio | Stars: Timothy Bottoms, Taryn Power, Jared Martin, Ray Milland

Votes: 280

19. Frankenstein (1984 TV Movie)

81 min | Horror, Sci-Fi

A scientist who is obsessed with creating life finally does it, with tragic results.

Director: James Ormerod | Stars: Robert Powell, David Warner, Carrie Fisher, John Gielgud

Votes: 142

20. Wildrose (1984)

95 min | Drama

Shedding her abusive husband, June starts life anew by taking a job as a heavy-machinery operator in an otherwise all-male Minnesota iron mine.

Director: John Hanson | Stars: Lisa Eichhorn, Tom Bower, James Cada, Cinda Jackson

Votes: 61

21. Mr. Patman (1980)

R | 97 min | Drama

A male nurse working the night shift at a psychiatric hospital begins to lose his own grip on reality.

Director: John Guillermin | Stars: James Coburn, Kate Nelligan, Fionnula Flanagan, Leslie Carlson

Votes: 82


22. Murrow (1986 TV Movie)

Not Rated | 114 min | Biography, Drama

Follow legendary news reporter/commentator from his radio broadcasts from the rooftops of London during the Blitz to his TV documentary series "See It Now" and his confrontations with the ... See full summary »

Director: Jack Gold | Stars: Daniel J. Travanti, Stephen Churchett, David Suchet, Robert Vaughn

Votes: 119

23. Pulsebeat (1985)

92 min | Drama

Rival health club owners enter an aerobic competition to prove who is superior.

Director: Maurice Tobias | Stars: Daniel Greene, Lee Taylor-Allan, Robert Small, Alicia Moro

Votes: 38

24. Good-bye Cruel World (1983)

R | 90 min | Comedy

A man decides he is going to make a film before he commits suicide. With the help of a cameraman, he visits those he wants to tell in this satirical dark comedy of strange characters.

Director: David Irving | Stars: Dick Shawn, Cynthia Sikes, Pierre Jalbert, Pamela Brull

Votes: 55

25. The Last Blood (1983)

90 min | Action, War

During the Vietnam war, an army sergeant rebels against his tyrant commanding officer, whilst they are cut off by the enemy in the jungle. Things get worse for all of them after that.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Giancarlo Prete, Antonio Marsina, Luciano Pigozzi, Paul Vance

Votes: 211


26. The Grass Is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank (1978 TV Movie)

98 min | Comedy

A comedy-drama about a New York couple who decided to dump the hassle of the big city, pack up the kids and move to what they think is the easy life of suburbia.

Director: Robert Day | Stars: Vicki Belmonte, Barbara Allyne Bennet, Carol Burnett, Chris Dekker

Votes: 148

27. Screamtime (1983)

R | 89 min | Fantasy, Horror

A trilogy of three improbable stories of horror and the supernatural are combined into this low budget thriller: "That's the Way to Do It," "Dreamhouse,," and "Do You Believe in Fairies?"

Directors: Michael Armstrong, Stanley A. Long | Stars: Vincent Russo, Michael Gordon, Marie Scinto, Kevin Smith

Votes: 715

28. Texas Godfather (1985)

R | 89 min | Action, Drama

A New York City district attorney secretly runs a cocaine-smuggling ring in Texas. When the mob tries to move in on his operation, he goes down there to try to stop them.

Director: Douglas F. O'Neons | Stars: Vince Edwards, Paul L. Smith, June Wilkinson, Phil Foster

Votes: 51

29. Fuga dall'arcipelago maledetto (1982)

96 min | Action, War

On one of his last trips before retirement, a plane of an illegal gunrunner in Vietnam is shot down where he hooks up Annie Belle, a humanitarian rebel.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: David Warbeck, Annie Belle, Tony King, Luciano Pigozzi

Votes: 124

"Tiger Joe"

30. Title Shot (1979)

R | 88 min | Crime, Drama

A troubled police detective investigates fixed betting and corruption in the world of heavyweight boxing and uncovers a plot by a crime boss to use computerized data to rig fights.

Director: Les Rose | Stars: Tony Curtis, Michael Wincott, Richard Gabourie, Susan Hogan

Votes: 23

31. Prince Jack (1984)

Unrated | 100 min | Drama

John F. Kennedy makes decisions with his father, brother Robert, Lyndon B. Johnson, Martin Luther King.

Director: Bert Lovitt | Stars: Dana Andrews, Jim Backus, Theodore Bikel, Robert Guillaume

Votes: 26

32. The House of the Yellow Carpet (1983)

89 min | Drama, Crime, Mystery

Franca and her husband Antonio decide to sell a yellow rug, which was a gift of Franca's stepfather. One day, while Antonio is out, a strange man rings, saying he wishes to buy the rug. But... See full summary »

Director: Carlo Lizzani | Stars: Erland Josephson, Béatrice Romand, Vittorio Mezzogiorno, Milena Vukotic

Votes: 304

33. The President's Mistress (1978 TV Movie)

Not Rated | 83 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

When Ben Morton investigates the mysterious death of his beautiful sister, he is unaware that he is opening up a web of political intrigue and deception involving the President of the United States.

Director: John Llewellyn Moxey | Stars: Beau Bridges, Susan Blanchard, Joel Fabiani, Larry Hagman

Votes: 115

34. Cinderella (1977)

R | 94 min | Comedy, Musical

Cinderella traces the misadventures of our heroine, who, via the help of her "fairy" godmother, is granted heightened sexual prowess to win over Prince Charming.

Director: Michael Pataki | Stars: Cheryl Smith, Yana Nirvana, Marilyn Corwin, Jennifer Stace

Votes: 549

35. Marbella, un golpe de cinco estrellas (1985)

112 min | Comedy, Thriller

Commander W.P. Anderson, once expelled from the merchant navy for his drinking, decides to move to Marbella, home to film stars, sheikhs and adventurers. .

Director: Miguel Hermoso | Stars: Rod Taylor, Britt Ekland, Fernando Fernán Gómez, Francisco Rabal

Votes: 49


36. Girls School Screamers (1986)

R | 80 min | Horror

Seven college girls spend the weekend at an elegant estate which begins as a fun filled adventure but ends in a nightmare of gut-wrenching terror.

Director: John P. Finnegan | Stars: Mollie O'Mara, Sharon Christopher, Mari Butler, Beth O'Malley

Votes: 368

37. Formula for a Murder (1985)

96 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller

David Warbeck stars as an instructor who marries a traumatized, crippled woman. The wife suffers from PTSD and is tormented by a traumatic event that happened in her past. What is even more... See full summary »

Director: Alberto De Martino | Stars: Christina Nagy, David Warbeck, Carroll Blumenberg, Rossano Brazzi

Votes: 316

38. Ninja Assassins (1976)

98 min | Action, Adventure

A former ranger sits in prison awaiting his execution when an international organization frees him and assigns him to crush a deadly spy ring.

Directors: Marshall M. Borden, Efren C. Piñon | Stars: Leo Fong, Booker T. Anderson, Ann Farber, Darnell Garcia

Votes: 62

"Enforcer From Death Row"

39. Angels' Brigade (1979)

PG | 97 min | Action, Comedy

Six sexy women, and a teenage girl, devastate a right-wing militia before doing battle with ruthless drug pushers.

Director: Greydon Clark | Stars: Sylvia Anderson, Lieu Chinh, Jacqulin Cole, Liza Greer

Votes: 1,601

40. The Killer Is on the Phone (1972)

92 min | Thriller

A woman whose husband was murdered five years previously, is stalked by his killer, who wants to eliminate her as a potential witness. What he doesn't know is that the shock of his murder ... See full summary »

Director: Alberto De Martino | Stars: Telly Savalas, Anne Heywood, Osvaldo Ruggieri, Giorgio Piazza

Votes: 217

"Scenes from a Murder"

41. Dog Day (1984)

101 min | Action, Crime, Drama

A fugitive on the run from the law and carrying several million dollars hides out in the house of a farm family. The tables turn when the family turns out to be even more criminally ... See full summary »

Director: Yves Boisset | Stars: Lee Marvin, Miou-Miou, Jean Carmet, Victor Lanoux

Votes: 750

42. Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold (1984)

R | 102 min | Adventure, Western

Fiery blonde half-breed Yellow Hair and her easygoing sidekick the Pecos Kid are after a fortune in Mayan gold. The courageous duo have run-ins with an army of Mexican soldiers, a gang of ... See full summary »

Director: Matt Cimber | Stars: Laurene Landon, Ken Roberson, Cihangir Gaffari, Luis Lorenzo

Votes: 309

43. Prime Risk (1985)

PG-13 | 98 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

A female engineer, with the assistance of her pilot-wannabe male friend, discovers a way to rip off ATM machines, but in doing so stumbles upon a plot to destroy the U.S. monetary system.

Director: Michael Farkas | Stars: Lee Montgomery, Toni Hudson, Sam Bottoms, Clu Gulager

Votes: 225

44. Walking the Edge (1985)

R | 93 min | Action, Crime, Drama

A Los Angeles taxi driver helps a distraught young woman on the run from gangsters after they murder her husband and young son.

Director: Norbert Meisel | Stars: Nancy Kwan, Robert Forster, Joe Spinell, A Martinez

Votes: 450

45. Sky High (1985)

109 min | Adventure, Comedy

A group of American students traveling in Greece find themselves accidentally involved with a new type of drug--and the gang that wants it.

Director: Nico Mastorakis | Stars: Daniel Hirsch, Clayton Norcross, Frank Schultz, Yvette Jarvis

Votes: 264