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1. Untitled Will Ferrell/Jason Momoa Project

Comedy | Announced

Plot kept under wraps. Described as a comedy about a former TV star who teams up with his more popular son for a project.

Stars: Jason Momoa, Will Ferrell

2. Micronations

Comedy | Announced

A misfit living amongst neighborhoods and homes that have declared themselves sovereign nations, is recruited to wage a battle against the nation of Wayne County, Nevada.

Director: Jared Hess | Star: Jack Black

3. Wizard's Way

Comedy | Announced

A group of friends are drawn together and torn apart by their love of an online role-playing game. Based on Joe Stretch's mockumentary, 'Wizard's Way.'

4. Swear to God

Comedy | Announced

A comedy centered on a hedge fund manager who thinks he has seen God.

5. Border Guards

Comedy | Announced

A pair of Americans try to prevent Mexican immigrants from entering the country, accidentally find the tables turned on themselves when they try to return to the U.S. without any identification.

Director: Adam McKay | Stars: Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly

6. Embassy

Comedy | Announced

An American embassy worker stationed in the South Pacific accidentally causes a diplomatic crisis and tries to makes things right.

7. Substitute Teacher

Comedy | Announced

Mr. Garvey, an angry substitute teacher, stirs up trouble at his assigned high school.

Stars: Jordan Peele, Andre Allen Young

8. The Fire Cobras

Comedy | Announced

A small town rock bands' attempts at playing their first live concert brings them nothing but a series of horrific accidents and painful misfortune - which ultimately garners them international fame.

Stars: Mike Smith, Robb Wells, John Paul Tremblay

9. Giant Monsters Attack Japan!

Comedy, Sci-Fi | Announced

Young Johnny Smith, a new citizen of Japan, sets to protect his family from the never-ending series of monster attacks by enlisting the services of the somewhat-nice Megamonster, who lives on Monster Island.

Director: Trey Parker

10. Interpol

Comedy | Announced

A couple of desk researchers at Interpol are forced to work as field agents when the secret identities of the agency's officers are revealed.

11. Spontaneous

Fantasy, Sci-Fi | Completed

A high school senior discovers that she and her classmates may explode at any moment.

Director: Brian Duffield | Stars: Katherine Langford, Piper Perabo, Rob Huebel, Charlie Plummer

12. Action #1

PG-13 | Comedy | Completed

A comic book store-owner assembles five smart and equally geeky associates to pull off the heist of a lifetime- stealing the most valuable comic from Nicholas Cage and holding it for ransom.

Director: Alex Fernie | Stars: Mike Castle, Jimmy Tatro, Hayley Magnus, Betsy Sodaro

13. Rentaghost

Comedy | Announced

When a slacker dies and becomes a ghost he decides to run a company that rents out haunting spirits to the living.

Director: Tom McGrath

14. I Have Cancer: A Medical Marijuana Story

Drama | Announced

The Serious Themed 'Medical Marijuana' movie. After Lisa gets Breast Cancer, her best friend convinces her to try Medical Marijuana to combat her illness.

Director: Derek Savage | Stars: Derek Savage, Jim Gray

15. Arkie

Animation, Adventure, Fantasy | Pre-production

As her world is shrouded in darkness, a young girl must overcome her fears and travel to a mysterious city of light, save her father from a dangerous scientist and prevent the destruction of her planet.

Director: Luke Jurevicius | Stars: Shailene Woodley, Jai Courtney, Tim Minchin, Andrew Bachelor

16. My Asshole Neighbor

Comedy | Announced

A peace-loving mediator is driven to all-out war when an obnoxious redneck moves in next door.

Director: Andrew Currie | Stars: David Koechner, Will Sasso

17. Untitled 'Le Mac' Remake

Comedy | Announced

A meek banker is kidnapped and forced to work undercover as a pimped-out gangster. A remake of the 2010 French comedy "Le Mac".

Star: Ed Helms

18. A Whole New Hugh

Comedy | Announced

A group of friends try to boost their pal's confidence by making him look more successful.

19. Attorneys at Raw

Comedy | Announced

A pair of young attorneys become rappers.

20. Pure Imagination

Comedy, Romance | Announced

After experiencing a series of traumatic events, a young guy falls for a girl. And while she falls for him as well, one question remains: is she actually real, or a figment of his imagination?

Star: HaleyRae Christian Cannell

21. Treasure Trail

Adventure, Comedy | Announced

After finding a treasure map in the trash, a group of underachieving roommates embark a drunken quest for buried treasure.

22. Untitled Chris Rock/La première étoile Remake

Comedy | Announced

A comedy about a working-class black family who take a ski vacation, upsetting the everyday affairs at a stuffy resort.

23. Bob: The Musical

Musical | Announced

Bob - The Musical follows a mild-mannered man who suddenly hears the "inner song" of people's hearts after being struck in the head

Director: Michel Hazanavicius

24. Will (I)

Comedy | Announced

An ordinary man lives in a world where free will doesn't exist. The lives and destinies of every human being are scripted by scribes in Heaven. One day, his writer quits, leaving him to go about his day unscripted.

Director: Gary Ross

25. Soul Soul Soul: The Murray Murray Story

Comedy | Announced

A mockumentary about a soul singer from the early '60s trying to get his band back together and make it big in the world of hip hop.

26. Russ & Roger Go Beyond

Comedy | Announced

Independent filmmaker Russ Meyer teams up with film critic and fledgling screenwriter, Roger Ebert to make the 1970 film, "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls."

Director: John Carney | Stars: Will Ferrell, Josh Gad

27. Fuddy Meers

Comedy | Announced

A story of a woman who wakes up everyday with no memory and relives her past each day.

Director: David Petrarca | Stars: David Tennant, Ellen Burstyn

28. Truth Seekers

Comedy | Pre-production

It centers on a pair of paranormal investigators who "take out haunted churches, underground bunkers, and abandoned hospitals using an array of homemade ghost-detecting gizmos and share their adventures on an online channel.

Stars: Hiten Patel, Isaiah Joshua Chambers, Scarlet Grace, Peter Rugman

29. Wingmen (III)

Comedy, Musical | Announced

Plot kept under wraps. Described as an R-rated musical comedy about the misadventures of two pilots.

Director: Joseph Gordon-Levitt | Stars: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Channing Tatum

30. How to Succeed with Women Without Really Trying

Comedy, Romance | Announced

A how-to guide to successful male-female relationships.

Star: Trevor Moore

31. Guinea Pigging

Comedy | Announced

A guy signs up to participate in an experimental drug trial and discovers it has unbelievable side effects.

Director: Mitchell Hurwitz

32. The Principal of Monster Lake (2019)


A Principal of a high school has dedicated his life with ideas, some might say too far-fetched for those who don't have an open mind to positive dreams. We're about to find out his outlandish magic, on a school field trip that these kids will never forget.

Director: Hal Porcelain | Stars: Eric Roberts, Yeniffer Behrens, Steven Chase, Excelina Ordonez

33. Dark Cupid

Comedy, Fantasy, Romance | Post-production

Kit is a young, easy going girl who is destined to find love, only for it to be ruined by the dark Cupid herself.

Director: Khu | Stars: Khu, Eric Roberts, Deanna Grace Congo, Mikki Padilla

34. Under the Apple Tree

Comedy, Drama, Romance | Announced

Friendship turns to romance when a staunchly religious boy is forced to work with a true party girl on a college project that sends them on a journey through churches, frats and everything in between.

Directors: Matthew Hill, Landon Johnson

35. The King of Counterfeit

Comedy | Announced

A pair of young counterfeiters get in over their heads when they team up with a crooked lawyer.

Director: John McNaughton | Stars: Linda Cardellini, Bill Murray, Josh Hutcherson

36. Revival (IV)

Comedy | Announced

A Broadway composer on the skids becomes obsessed with shutting down a high school production of one of his shows.

Director: Barry Levinson | Star: Billy Crystal

37. The Sugar Shack (I)

Comedy | Announced

A male stripper in Wisconsin becomes an unlikely town hero.

Director: Heath Cullens | Star: Tyler Labine

38. Hello Ghost

Comedy, Drama, Romance | Announced

A man haunted by ghosts must make their final wish come true in order to get rid of them.

Director: Chris Columbus

39. Valet Guys

Comedy | Announced

Two valet parking guys witness a murder and subsequently find themselves running for their lives.

40. Caught Stealing (I)

Comedy | Pre-production

A Little League coach lives a double life as a bank robber.

41. Underwater Upside Down

Comedy | Post-production

Underwater Upside Down is an oddball comedy about two Malibu brothers whose parents tragic death 20 years ago left them with a whole lot of money, a ton of ambition and a toolbox devoid of ... See full summary »

Director: Scott Tuft | Stars: Mark Boone Junior, Maiara Walsh, Sally Kellerman, Beth Grant

42. The Donor (I)

Comedy, Sci-Fi | Announced

A convict volunteers for a near death experiment for perks, but what he discovers changes his focus.

43. Timmy Failure

PG | Adventure, Drama, Family | Completed

An 11-year old boy who believes that he is the best detective in town runs the agency Total Failures with his best friend, an imaginary 1,200 pound polar bear.

Director: Tom McCarthy | Stars: Ophelia Lovibond, Craig Robinson, Kyle Bornheimer, Chloe Coleman

44. Relatively Super (TV Movie)

Animation | Post-production

A look at the lives of the relatives to the world's greatest superheroes.

Director: Sonny Dyon | Stars: Mark Hamill, Jon Heder, Michael Dorn, Kevin Conroy

45. Whaling

Comedy | Post-production

A dysfunctional brother and sister are forced to come to terms with each other and themselves over their recently deceased mother's final wish.

Director: Sean McEwen | Stars: Wendi McLendon-Covey, Tom Felton, David Koechner, Tammin Sursok

46. Bullies

Comedy | Announced

Two brothers finally get a comeuppance after bullying people their whole lives.

Director: Randy Krallman

47. Mr. Machine

Comedy | Delayed

Three oafish brainiacs build a robot that opts to take over the world.

48. Life Coach (I)

Comedy | Announced

A young woman's decision to turn things around by hiring "life coach" is thrown for a serious loop when the person she hires turns out to be a real mess.

49. Groupies

Comedy | Announced

Follows the antics of rock groupies.

Stars: Isla Fisher, Amy Poehler

50. Butterfingers

Comedy | Pre-production

A jaded hit man, who can't stand kids, is compelled to drive a teenage boy and his little sister across Europe on a mission to kill their father.

Director: Barnaby Southcombe

51. Paternity Leave

Comedy | Announced

A group of immature guys convince their bosses that they're new dads in order to get time off.

Star: Adam Devine

52. Klown

Comedy | Announced

In an attempt to prove his true fatherhood potential, a guy takes a young boy on a male-bonding adventure.

Star: Sacha Baron Cohen

53. The Lesbian

Comedy | Announced

A billionaire offers a hefty sum of money to a man who can woo & marry his lesbian daughter.

54. Cochran & LaFarge

Comedy | Announced

The epic story of two of the greatest mimes in the world.

Director: Ken Marino | Star: Sacha Baron Cohen

55. Santa Wars

Comedy | Announced

A union of guys who make their living dressing up as Santa Clause for shopping malls and such forms an heated rivalry with another group of not-so-jolly St. Nicks.

56. Don't Let's Start

Comedy, Drama | Announced

This dark anti-romantic comedy shows the downfalls of early romance through the eyes of Wallace Elend, a troubled insomniac who falls in love with a beautiful sociopath.

Director: Eric Rhoades | Stars: Mike McFarland, Nancy Chartier, Eric Rhoades, Jon 'Corn Mo' Cunningham

57. Man-Witch

Comedy | Announced

After a schoolteacher learns of his witch-like powers, he's brought into a coven to teach at their school, which he discovers is an all-female academy.

Star: Jim Parsons

58. The Legend of Georgia McBride

Comedy | Announced

An Elvis impersonator turns his act into a drag show.

Star: Jim Parsons

59. Tuscaloosa (2019)


Twenty-two and on the verge of entering high society, college graduate Billy Mitchell finds his plans changing when he falls in love with an inmate with multiple personalities at his father's mental institution.

Director: Philip Harder | Stars: Natalia Dyer, Tate Donovan, Devon Bostick, Nathan Phillips

60. Awesome Movie: The Quest

Comedy | Announced

The Boys (Tim, Dax, Mils and Chris) hit the road during spring break in the third and final installment of the epic trilogy. The gang road trips to Myrtle Beach, SC so Tim can finally be ... See full summary »

Stars: Zach Steffey, Gerald Yelverton, Jay Milnamow

61. Awesome Movie: Kbob's Basement

Comedy | Announced

'Kbob's Basement' is a college comedy about a group of friends and the events that transpire over the course of a night. Our main character Tim, is upset that he has been dating his ... See full summary »

62. Awesome Movie: Senior Week

Comedy | Announced

In the week before graduation a group of high school students rent a beach house with the hopes of sex, love, fun and in the process learn about themselves and friendship.

63. Sober Buddies

Comedy | Announced

A court-appointed "sober buddy" accompanies a hard-partying software exec on an important business trip to Las Vegas, where both men promptly take advantage of the city's sinful pleasures.

64. Time and a Half

Comedy | Announced

A young woman takes a job at a trophy shop after college and runs into her sister's old high school boyfriend, with whom she hooked up with once.

Director: Ol Parker

65. Foxy Trotter

Animation | Announced

Foxy Trotter is a motorcycle-riding, rock and roll photographer in the early '70s on a mission to capture the perfect rock photo.

Director: Chris Prynoski | Star: Natalie Portman

66. Cat Astrophe


Smokey Tiddi is a drunken drug and sex addict who lives with an old couple called Mr. and Mrs. Tiddi. The old couple are unaware of Smokey's human-like and sleazy, unorthodox ways until one... See full summary »

Directors: Shawn Anthony, William James Campbell III | Stars: William James Campbell III, Lien Mya Nguyen, Jessica Felice, Shawn Anthony

67. One Million Dolla

Comedy | Pre-production

Guy chases chickens and sells coconuts in Hawaii, a documentary crew is about to give him a million dollars.

Stars: Peter Gilroy, Alex Farnham

68. Diplomatic Immunity

Comedy | Announced

A successful politician tries to keep his goofball brother in the shadows of his Presidential campaign.

Star: Blake Anderson

69. Untitled CBS David Hornsby/Blake Anderson Project (TV Movie)

Comedy | Announced

A high-strung dad is forced to loosen up after his ex-wife marries a younger, free spirited man.

Stars: Blake Anderson, David Hornsby

70. Sexcastle

Comedy | Announced

An assassin retires to a small town and is pulled back into his old line of work for one last job.

Director: Kyle Newacheck

71. Fortunately, the Milk

Animation | Announced

You know what it is like when your mother goes away on a business trip and your father is in charge. She leaves a really, really long list of what he has to do. And the most important thing is "DON'T FORGET TO GET THE MILK.

Director: Edgar Wright | Star: Johnny Depp

72. Grasshopper Jungle

Sci-Fi | Announced

A teenager in Iowa unleashes a swarm of hungry and horny praying mantises.

Director: Edgar Wright

73. Dodge & Twist

Adventure, Drama | Announced

A look at the lives of Charles Dickens' characters, Oliver Twist and the Artful Dodger, as adults.

74. Harvey Richards

Comedy | Announced

Centers around a lawyer for children who actually represents them in playground disputes for cupcakes.

75. Revenge of the Jocks

Comedy | Announced

Three men, once popular high school jocks, find themselves forced to adapt to a world run by the geek and nerd crowd.

Director: Jeff Tremaine

76. Ricky Stanicky

Comedy | Announced

When three teens pull a prank and burn down a house in their neighborhood, they create a fake person to take the blame -- Ricky Stanicky did it! Twenty years later we see that they have ... See full summary »

Director: Steve Oedekerk

77. A Tale Dark and Grimm

Fantasy | Announced

Hansel and Gretel stumble upon other stories fairy tales written by the Brothers Grimm.

Director: Simon Otto

78. Bill & Ted Face the Music (2020)

Comedy, Music, Sci-Fi | Post-production

Once told they'd save the universe during a time-traveling adventure, 2 would-be rockers from San Dimas, California find themselves as middle-aged dads still trying to crank out a hit song and fulfill their destiny.

Director: Dean Parisot | Stars: Keanu Reeves, Samara Weaving, Anthony Carrigan, Jillian Bell

79. Remnants of the Fallen

Adventure, Family, Fantasy

A group of five young warriors-in-training practically stumble into the dark realm and soon realize leaving isn't as simple as backtracking their steps.

Stars: Ashlyn Casalegno, Bianca D'Ambrosio, Chiara D'Ambrosio, J.B. Edwards

80. Last Moment of Clarity

Thriller | Post-production

A normal New Yorker's life is upended when his girlfriend is murdered by the Bulgarian mob. He flees to Paris to hide from her killers. But three years later, he sees a similar looking ... See full summary »

Directors: Colin Krisel, James Krisel | Stars: Samara Weaving, Brian Cox, Carly Chaikin, Udo Kier

81. The F**k-It List

Comedy | Completed

Brett Blackmore is a high school senior who's exemplary GPA and college resume hides the fact that he's unintentionally sold his childhood for a future he's not even sure he wants. When his... See full summary »

Director: Michael Duggan | Stars: Eli Brown, Madison Iseman, Jerry O'Connell, Natalie Zea

82. Sid Is Dead

Comedy | Post-production

Described as a high school coming-of-age comedy.

Director: Eli Gonda | Stars: Mary Stuart Masterson, Carla Gallo, Genevieve Hannelius, Jack Griffo

83. Vernon God Little

Drama | Announced

A drama centered on a Texas teenager whose best friend goes on a shooting spree at their high school.

84. Bad Education (2019)

103 min | Comedy, Drama

77 Metascore

The unfolding of the single largest public school embezzlement scandal in history.

Director: Cory Finley | Stars: Hugh Jackman, Allison Janney, Annaleigh Ashford, Alex Wolff

Votes: 201

85. Love Child

Comedy, Drama | Announced

Junior, a delusional aspiring Broadway star with an inappropriate obsession with his mother Immaculada. After orchestrating an accident that nearly kills his abusive father, he encourages ... See full summary »

Director: Todd Solondz | Stars: Penélope Cruz, Edgar Ramírez

86. College Republicans

Comedy | Announced

A young Karl Rove vies for the position of chief campus conservative under the guidance of Lee Atwater.

87. Codename: Housewife

Animation | Announced

A PG stop motion animation comedy about an ordinary, overworked /under appreciated housewife who finds herself recruited by a secret agency to find and rescue kidnapped famous rock stars. ... See full summary »

Directors: Sukwha Hong, Will Vinton

88. The Night Clerk

Crime, Drama | Post-production

Voyeuristic hotel clerk becomes the subject of a murder investigation.

Director: Michael Cristofer | Stars: Ana de Armas, Helen Hunt, Tye Sheridan, John Leguizamo

89. American Pie 5

Comedy | Announced

It will be an American Vacation that has Jim and the crew getting in trouble, in Vegas.

Directors: Hayden Schlossberg, Jon Hurwitz

90. Winging It!

Comedy | Pre-production

When a by-the-book angel gets paired with a "what book are you talking about" angel on probation, they accidentally reap the soul of person they were supposed to save. Now they have to fix everything before the Big Guy finds out.

Stars: Ben Davies, Jaci Velasquez, Robert Amaya, G. Michael Nicolosi

91. Hexengeddon

Fantasy | Pre-production

When a young witch is killed in modern day middle America, the witches of the world declare war against humanity.

Stars: Amanda Donohoe, Gary Stretch, Tenika Davis, Tamara Chambers

92. The Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler

Comedy | Announced

The Mensch in black is back. The Hebrew Hammer comes out of retirement to prevent a time-traveling Hitler from erasing Jewish history.

Director: Jonathan Kesselman | Star: Adam Goldberg

93. Larry's Kidney

Comedy | Announced

A writer travels to China to help his cousin find a kidney.

Director: Richard Linklater

94. Don't Tell a Soul (2019)

Drama, Thriller | Post-production

Two thieving teenage brothers, stealing money to help their sick mom, match wits with a troubled security guard stuck at the bottom of a forgotten well.

Director: Alex McAulay | Stars: Mena Suvari, Jack Dylan Grazer, Rainn Wilson, Fionn Whitehead

95. Untitled Civil War Project

Comedy | Announced

A guy who is obsessed with all-things relating to the U.S. Civil War, and who is an active participant in re-enactments, finds himself with a group of people that are transported back in time to the real Civil War.

96. Deported (2018)

90 min | Comedy

When his new girlfriend gets deported on a technicality, Ross hires a fake husband to get her back into the country because he's not ready to commit to marriage.

Director: Tyler Spindel | Stars: Whitmer Thomas, Megan Park, Mickey Gooch Jr., Fortune Feimster

Votes: 20

97. Project XX

Comedy | Announced

A follow-up to the house party comedy 'Project X'.

98. Adultland

Comedy, Drama | Pre-production

In 2005, Calvin is an adult video store clerk who grew up immersed in erotica to fill a loveless childhood. When his best friend decides to get married and give up porn, Calvin is forced to face his flaws and find a way through Adultland.

Director: Todd Wolfe | Stars: David Arquette, Henry Zebrowski, Bria Vinaite

99. Smart House

Thriller | Announced

A family living in a high-tech "smart house" under the FBI's witness protection plan finds themselves the target of a group of assassins who were hired to track them down and kill them.

Director: Alexandre Aja

100. No Exit (I)

Drama | Pre-production

A college student encounters a group of kidnappers while stranded at a highway rest stop.

Director: Damien Power

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