British TV & Films 1964 Not Yet Released On DVD Region 2

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2. Call the Gun Expert (1964– )

30 min | Crime

Police procedural drama dealing with historical cases investigated by a ballistics expert.

Stars: Wensley Pithey, Macdonald Hastings, John Gatrell, Bob Lord

3. Catch Hand (1964– )

40 min | Drama

Drama series about the adventures of two building workers (i.e. "catch hands") and their efforts to find odd jobs around the country.

Stars: Mark Eden, Anthony Booth, Thomas Heathcote, Keith Anderson

Votes: 7

4. Cluff (1964–1965)

50 min | Drama

Set in Gunnershaw, fictional town in North Yorkshire and based on novels by Gil North. Leslie Sands was perfect as the gruff Cluff.

Stars: Leslie Sands, John Rolfe, John McKelvey, Clive

Votes: 6

5. Comedy Workshop: Love and Maud Carver (1964)


Maud has two men in her life - George and Errol. In an effort to decide which boyfriend to keep, she visits a clairvoyant who tells her that her ideal partner may, in fact, be a third ... See full summary »

Director: Mike Newell | Stars: Patsy Rowlands, Norman Chappell, Julian Orchard, Joyce Grant

6. Cordillera (1964)


DESTROY THIS MAN and a fortune in diamonds is yours.

Directors: Monte Hellman, Eddie Romero | Stars: Joseph Estrada, Dewey Martin, Fay Spain, Robert Arevalo

7. Das Verrätertor (1964)

80 min | Crime, Drama

A businessman organises a caper to steal the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London.

Director: Freddie Francis | Stars: Albert Lieven, Gary Raymond, Margot Trooger, Catherine Schell

Votes: 242

8. Daylight Robbery (1964)

57 min | Comedy

Three children, Darryl, Kirk and Janet want to be rid of their priggish friend Trudy so they enter a big store and steal a battery knowing that not wanting to get involved she'll leave, ... See full summary »

Director: Michael Truman | Stars: Trudy Moors, Janet Hannington, Kirk Martin, Darryl Read

Votes: 9

10. Detective (1964–1969)

50 min | Crime, Drama

Anthology series featuring adaptations of detective stories.

Stars: Rupert Davies, Ralph Michael, Barbara Couper, John DeVaut

Votes: 10

11. Diary of a Young Man (1964– )

45 min | Drama

A young man arrives in London - not quite "Swinging London" yet, but getting near to it - and has extraordinary adventures.

Stars: Victor Henry, Richard Moore, Nerys Hughes, Frank Williams

Votes: 12

12. Eagle Rock (1964)

62 min | Family

A young lad attempts to climb Eagle Rock by himself and learns the hard way that sometimes teamwork is the best way to do things.

Director: Henry Geddes | Stars: Pip Rolls, Tony Paul, Colin Neal, Nicholas Young

Votes: 25

13. East of Sudan (1964)

Approved | 85 min | Adventure, Drama, Romance

During the Mahdist insurrection in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, veteran colonial Private Baker teams up with freshly arrived gentleman Murchison, trying to evacuate from southern Barash the ... See full summary »

Director: Nathan Juran | Stars: Anthony Quayle, Sylvia Syms, Derek Fowlds, Jenny Agutter

Votes: 170

16. Frozen Alive (1964)

80 min | Mystery, Sci-Fi, Drama

A scientist experimenting with suspended animation decides to use himself as a test subject. Before he is frozen, his wife is killed, and he is suspected of her murder.

Director: Bernard Knowles | Stars: Mark Stevens, Marianne Koch, Wolfgang Lukschy, Joachim Hansen

Votes: 393

17. Go Kart Go (1964)

55 min | Family

A group of youngsters have fun using their ingenuity to build their own go-kart - with the hope of eclipsing a rival children's gang, and beating them at the local race track.

Director: Jan Darnley-Smith | Stars: Dennis Waterman, Jimmy Capehorn, Frazer Hines, Pauline Challoner

Votes: 33

18. Horizon (I) (1964– )

50 min | Documentary

British documentary series that covers a variety of subjects in science and philosophy.

Stars: Paul Vaughan, Jack Fortune, Dilly Barlow, Martin Jarvis

Votes: 895

22. Madame Bovary (1964– )

45 min | Drama

The wife of a country doctor has an extra-marital affair which leads her to ruin and death.

Stars: Nyree Dawn Porter, Anne Castaldini, Gerald Cross, Glynn Edwards

Votes: 5

24. Melissa (1964– )

30 min | Thriller

Guy Foster's world falls apart when his beloved wife Melissa is murdered. Unfortunately for Guy, all the evidence points to him as the murderer.

Stars: Tony Britton, Helen Christie, Brian McDermott, Kerry Jordan

Votes: 7

26. Miss Adventure (1964– )

45 min | Comedy, Mystery

Comedy series where Stacey Smith (Hattie Jacques) as private investigator Stacey Smith, who works in London for the Stanton Detective Agency, run by Harry Stanton (Jameson Clark). She is ... See full summary »

Stars: Hattie Jacques, Jameson Clark, Alan Browning, John Stone

27. Never Put It in Writing (1964)

93 min | Comedy

While in Ireland, a young insurance executive finds out that back at company headquarters, someone else has been promoted to a job that he was hoping to get. Enraged, he writes a scathing--... See full summary »

Director: Andrew L. Stone | Stars: Pat Boone, Milo O'Shea, Fidelma Murphy, Reginald Beckwith

Votes: 16

28. Night Must Fall (1964)

101 min | Crime, Thriller

A psychotic killer gets in the good graces of his aging invalid employer, and worms his way into the affection of her beautiful daughter, with unpleasant results for all.

Director: Karel Reisz | Stars: Albert Finney, Susan Hampshire, Mona Washbourne, Sheila Hancock

Votes: 697

29. Night Train to Paris (1964)

65 min | Thriller, Drama

Former OSS officer Alan Holiday, now living in London, is visited on New Year's Eve by Catherine Carrel who says she is a close friend of Jules Lemoine who served with Holiday during the ... See full summary »

Director: Robert Douglas | Stars: Leslie Nielsen, Aliza Gur, Dorinda Stevens, Eric Pohlmann

Votes: 232

30. Not So Much a Programme, More a Way of Life (1964–1965)

45 min | Comedy

This satirical sketch show, a successor to the BBC's "That Was the Week That Was" (1962), ran from November 1964 to April 1965. Picking up where they had left off on TW3, David Nathan and ... See full summary »

Stars: John Bird, Doug Fisher, David Frost, Roy Hudd

Votes: 7

31. Of Human Bondage (1964)

Approved | 100 min | Drama

A medical student becomes obsessed with his faithless lover.

Directors: Ken Hughes, Henry Hathaway, Bryan Forbes | Stars: Kim Novak, Laurence Harvey, Robert Morley, Siobhan McKenna

Votes: 766

32. One Way Pendulum (1965)

90 min | Comedy

The very eccentric Groomkirby family, in between inventing odd devices, decide to reenact a murder and trial in their living room.

Director: Peter Yates | Stars: Eric Sykes, George Cole, Julia Foster, Jonathan Miller

Votes: 141

33. Paris 1900 (1964– )

60 min | Comedy, Drama

A TV series of six farces, all by the French playwright Georges Feydeau.

Stars: Alfred Marks, Kenneth Griffith, Adrienne Corri, Zena Walker

34. Psyche 59 (1964)

Approved | 94 min | Drama, Mystery, Romance

In London, the pregnant wife of an industrialist falls down the stairs, loses her sight and has no recollection of the events but suspects that a mentally traumatic experience prior to the fall caused her accident.

Director: Alexander Singer | Stars: Curd Jürgens, Patricia Neal, Samantha Eggar, Ian Bannen

Votes: 282

37. Seventy Deadly Pills (1964)

55 min | Drama, Family

A gang of children, "The Rockets" have their clubhouse (above an old garage) used by a pair of villains on the run. The villains have stolen a doctors car which had some deadly pills left ... See full summary »

Director: Pat Jackson | Stars: Gareth Robinson, Len Jones, Robert Ferguson, Sally Thomsett

Votes: 7

40. Stop-over Forever (1964)

59 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

The flight attendant Sue Chambers becomes frightened for her life when she discovers that one of her coworkers was killed because the murderer thought he was killing her. Her fear does not ... See full summary »

Director: Frederic Goode | Stars: Ann Bell, Anthony Bate, Conrad Phillips, Bruce Boa

Votes: 22

42. Swizzlewick (1964– )


Drama series about the day-to-day events of a local council in a fictional Midlands town.

Stars: Patrick Mower, Arnold Peters, Martin Wyldeck, Gillian Royale

43. The Eyes of Annie Jones (1964)

TV-PG | 73 min | Drama, Mystery

Murder unfolds around a young girl who sleepwalks and talks while she does so.

Director: Reginald Le Borg | Stars: Richard Conte, Francesca Annis, Joyce Carey, Myrtle Reed

Votes: 111

46. The Hidden Truth (1964)

60 min | Drama

Medical crime drama in which Professor Lazard and his team, try to seek justice for their clients with their forensic skills, while trying not to get emotionally involved.

Stars: Alexander Knox, James Maxwell, Ruth Meyers, Zia Mohyeddin

47. The Horror of It All (1964)

TV-PG | 75 min | Comedy, Horror, Mystery

American salesman and his English fiancee visit her eccentric family who live in a remote old mansion in the countryside. The American soon realizes that someone is trying to kill everyone there to get the family fortune.

Director: Terence Fisher | Stars: Pat Boone, Erica Rogers, Dennis Price, Andree Melly

Votes: 276

48. The Midnight Men (1964– )

30 min | Drama, Thriller

In 1913, a naive farmer in the Balkan states becomes involved in political intrigue, including a deadly assassination attempt.

Stars: Andrew Keir, Bernard Archard, Eva Bartok, David Cargill

49. Sandy, the Reluctant Nature Girl (1964)

47 min | Comedy

A young woman finds out that her boyfriend has been lying to her about where he spends his weekends. She hires a private detective to follow him, and discovers that he has joined a nudist camp.

Director: Stanley Pelc | Stars: Annette Bryant, John Atkinson, Peter Benison, Mary Chapman

Votes: 7