Japanese Idols

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1. Yui Aragaki

Actress | Koizora

Aragaki, Yui is an Okinawa-born Japanese actress, model, singer, product spokeswoman, presenter and radio show host. She was born in Naha, one of US military towns of Okinawa the youngest of three sisters on June 11th 1988. She auditioned for a fashion model spot for Nikora Magazine and won the ...

2. Ryô Nishikido

Actor | Atenshon purîzu

Ryo Nishikido was born 3 November, 1984 in Kadoma, Osaka. He is an actor, singer-songwriter and television presenter. He joined as a trainee with Johnny's Entertainment in 1997 and made his official début with boy groups NEWS and Kanjani 8 in 2003 and 2004 respectively. As an actor, he first gained...

3. Osamu Mukai

Actor | Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Osamu Mukai was born on February 7, 1982 in Kanagawa, Japan. He is an actor, known for Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (2019), Naruto: Shippûden (2007) and S: Saigo no Keikan - Dakkan: Recovery of Our Future (2015). He has been married to Ryôko Kuninaka since December 28, 2014. They have one ...

4. Tôma Ikuta

Actor | Ningen shikkaku

Tôma Ikuta was born on October 7, 1984 in Noboribetsu, Hokkaido, Japan. He is an actor, known for The Fallen Angel (2010), Dogwood Tree (2010) and The Brain Man (2013).

5. Koyuki

Actress | The Last Samurai

Gaining her first exposure to Western audiences in Edward Zwick's 2003 film The Last Samurai (2003), Koyuki was well-known in Japan for years before that. She first caught the attention of the public in 1997 by winning an exclusive modelling contract with the magazine Non-no, but quickly grew ...

6. Maki Horikita

Actress | Always san-chôme no yûhi

Horikita Maki (born Marina Hara) was born in Tokyo the eldest of three sisters in 1988. She was a tomboy growing up and by the time of her retirement also had short hair as she was older. In-between she was an attractive actress, model and corporate product endorser with longer hair between 2003 ...

7. Yû Shirota

Actor | Tennis no oujisama

Yuu Shirota (Japanese romanization, Shirota Yuu) is a Japanese actor and singer. He is known most notable for his role as Tezuka Kunimitsu in The Prince of Tennis movie and Tenimyu musicals and for his role as Tuxedo Kamen in the Sailor Moon Musicals. He is also part of a young men's stage acting ...

8. Jun Matsumoto

Actor | Tokyo Tower

Matsumoto was born in Toshima, Tokyo, as the youngest child in his family. He has an older sister whose support of KinKi Kids influenced his decision to join Johnny & Associates in 1996. Thinking it might bode good luck, he sent his application to the agency on his elementary school graduation day ...

9. Tomohisa Yamashita

Actor | Ashita no Jô

Tomohisa Yamashita was born on April 9, 1985 in Funabashi, Japan as Tomohisa Aoki. He is an actor, known for Tomorrow's Joe (2011), Stand Up!! (2003) and Terra Formars (2016).

10. Erika Toda

Actress | Death Note: Desu nôto

Toda Erika was born in Kobe in central Japan on August 17th 1988. While her official first acting credit dates back to Audrey (Ôdorî ) in 2000 she truly began her career four years later. She used the intermediate period with gravure adult and other fashion modelling from age thirteen. She has been...

11. Haruka Ayase

Actress | Umimachi Diary

Born Tademaru Aya in Asaminami Ward, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture in March 1985, Ayase Haruka is a former gravure idol who went on to become a mainstream model, singer and actress. She was athletic during her school days and participated in several sports. She began acting with an ...

12. Teppei Koike

Actor | Hômuresu chûgakusei

Teppei Koike was born on January 5, 1986 in Osakasayama, Japan. He is an actor, known for The Homeless Student (2008), Love.Com: The Movie (2006) and Yankî bokou ni kaeru (2003).

13. Keiko Kitagawa

Actress | The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Keiko Kitagawa, very commonly known as Sailor Mars in the live action series of Sailor Moon, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (PGSM), is a seventeen magazine model turned actress and singer. Born on August 22nd 1986 in Hyogo Perfecture, Japan, Keiko has a lived an unexpected life. From growing up in ...

14. Yôsuke Asari

Actor | Chôriki sentai Ôrenjâ

Yôsuke Asari was born on August 14, 1987 in Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor, known for Chouriki Sentai Ohranger (1995), Space Battleship Yamato (2010) and Break Through! (2004).

15. Manami Higa

Actress | Tobe! Dakota

Manami Higa is an actress, known for Fly, Dakota, Fly! (2013), The Prisoner (2007) and Kanon (2016).

16. Yûya Tegoshi

Actor | Shissô

Yûya Tegoshi was born on November 11, 1987 in Kanagawa, Japan. He is an actor, known for Dead Run (2005), Hotaru the Movie: It's Only a Little Light in My Life (2012) and Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac (2010).

17. Tomoya Nagase

Actor | Stranger: Mukô hadan

Tomoya Nagase is a Japanese singer and actor. He is the youngest member of TOKIO, a Johnny Entertainment musical group. He is the primary vocalist, in addition to playing the guitar alongside TOKIO's leader, Joshima Shigeru. Nagase is known as Nagase, Tomoya, Naga-kun, Tomo-kun, Baby or Tomobaby. ...

18. Masami Nagasawa

Actress | Sekai no chûshin de, ai o sakebu

She was born in Iwata, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan on June 3, 1987. Her father Nagasawa Kazuaki was a professional football player and on Japan's national team who later became a coach for Jubilo Iwata. She won the Toho Cinderella contest in 1999 and joined the entertainment business in 2000 with ...

19. Haruma Miura

Actor | Shingeki no kyojin

Haruma Miura is a Japanese actor and singer. He is part of the Amuse agency, and debuted as one of the members of Brash Brats, a J-pop group. However, they are on hiatus, while Haruma is still active as an actor. He gained popularity with Gokusen 3 and 2007 film Koizora. He starred for the first ...

20. Keisuke Koide

Actor | Shin Gojira

Keisuke Koide was born on February 20, 1984 in Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor, known for Shin Godzilla (2016), Cyborg Girl (2008) and Break Through! (2004).

21. Mika Nakashima

Actress | Resident Evil: Afterlife

Nakashima Mika is a well-known Japanese singer, and also actress, whose album have reached the number one position several times in her homeland's Oricon charts. She has also appeared in movies, most notably portraying one of the two characters named Nana in the namesakes movies, which are based on...

22. Ken'ichi Matsuyama

Actor | Death Note: Desu nôto

Kenichi Matsuyama was born in Mutsu, Aomori Prefecture. In 2001, Matsuyama started his career modeling and the following year made his debut as an actor landing a small role in the NTV drama Gokusen (2002). In 2003, Matsuyama made his film debut in a supporting role in Bright Future (2002). His ...

23. Ryûhei Matsuda

Actor | Fune wo amu

The uniquely beautiful and talented Ryuhei Matsuda was born May 9, 1983, in Tokyo, to Miyuki Matsuda and Yûsaku Matsuda. Six years later, Ryuhei's life took a tragic turn when his father died from bladder cancer at the age of 40. Ryuhei and his mother persevered, and unlike most offspring of famous...

24. Shôta Matsuda

Actor | Hana yori dango: Fainaru

Shôta Matsuda was born on September 10, 1985 in Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor, known for Boys Over Flowers: Final (2008), Ikigami (2008) and Isle of Dogs (2018).

25. Ryô Kimura

Actor | Gekijôban kamen raidâ Gôsuto: Hyaku no Eyecon to gôsuto unmei no toki

Ryô Kimura was born on September 23, 1988 in Tokyo, Japan. He is known for his work on Kamen Rider Ghost: The 100 Eyecons and Ghost's Fateful Moment (2016), Zettai reido: Mikaiketsu jiken tokumei sôsa (2010) and Moonlight Jellyfish (2004). He has been married to Megumi Okina since March 12, ...

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