The 10 Iranian Most Pretty Actress

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This list contains the 10 Iranian most pretty actress, worked/working in Iran, after Islamic Republic.

1. Hediyeh Tehrani

Actress | Chaharshanbe-soori

Hediyeh Tehrani started her acting career with Massoud Kimia's 'Soltan' (1996), which made her a recognizable star instantly. Previously, she had been offered a few roles which she passed on. In 1997, Hediyeh won a Hafiz Award (a prestigious industry award in Iran) for Best Actress in a Leading ...

2. Leila Otadi

Actress | Melancholy

Leila Otadi was born and raised in Tehran. She began her acting career in 2003 with a film by Iraj Ghaderi, Black Eyes.

At the age of 7, she had an offer from a director for a movie, but Leila and her family did not accept that project because of her schooling. At the age of 18, she began her ...

3. Mahnaz Afshar

Actress | Saadat Abad

Mahnaz Afshar was born in Tehran on June 11 1977. She graduated in natural science in high school . After graduation, one of her relatives who was the Theater Affairs Assistant in "Soureh" college introduced her to "Hannaneh" Art institute. Having studied video edition in the following years, she ...

4. Niousha Zeighami

Actress | Ekhrajiha

Niousha Zeighami is an actress, known for Deportees (2007), Deportees 2 (2009) and We're All Sinner (2016).

5. Elnaz Shakerdust

Actress | Shabi Ke Mah Kamel Shod

Elnaz Shakerdust is an Iranian actress, who has gained success inside Iran. Shakerdoost was born in Tehran. Whilst attending primary school, she loved acting. She is studying at architectural university, and her major is in theater. She also likes soccer. She began her acting life in "Gole Yakh" ...

6. Elham Hamidi

Actress | Gahvarei baraye madar

Elham Hamidi is an actress, known for A Cradle for the Mother (2013), We're All Sinner (2016) and So Close, So Far (2005).

7. Mitra Hajjar

Actress | Deltangi-ha-ye asheghaneh

Mitra Hajjar, deemed "expressive" and "compelling" by Variety Magazine, is one of the most popular leading actresses in Iran. She has held leading roles in over 20 feature films in her native country.

Hajjar is most noted for her outstanding performances in the films, Born Under Libra (2000), by ...

8. Golshifteh Farahani

Actress | Paterson

Golshifteh started her acting career in theater at the age of 6 and has always kept a strong link with theater, but it was at the age of 14 that she acted in her first film The Pear Tree (1998), for which she won the prize for the Best Actress from the international section of the Fajr film ...

9. Leia Zanganeh

Actress | Ghatel-e ahli

Leia Zanganeh was born in 1961 in Tehran, Iran. She is an actress, known for Domestic Killer (2017), Lovelance: The Center of Emergency Love (2018) and Private Life (2012).

10. Hanie Tavassoli

Actress | Dehliz

Hanie Tavassoli is an actress and casting director, known for The Corridor (2013), Misunderstanding (2018) and Columbus (2018).

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