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1. Untitled Star Trek Sequel

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | Announced

Plot kept under wraps. The follow-up to Star Trek Beyond (2016).

Director: S.J. Clarkson | Stars: Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, Danai Gurira

2. Untitled Star Trek Project

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | Announced

Plot unknown.

Director: Quentin Tarantino

3. Lisey's Story

Drama | Pre-production

A widow becomes the object of a dangerous stalker, obsessed with her husband's work.

Stars: Julianne Moore, Clive Owen

4. Little Voice

Comedy, Drama | Filming

A love letter to the diverse musicality of New York, "Little Voices" explores the universal journey of finding your authentic voice in your early 20s.

Stars: Shalini Bathina, Brittany O'Grady, Colton Ryan, Sean Teale

5. Your Name

Drama | Announced

A live-action remake of the 2016 anime film about two strangers who mysteriously swap bodies.

Director: Marc Webb

6. A Woman of No Importance (II)

Biography, Drama, War | Announced

The story of American spy, Virginia Hall, who worked for the British intelligence during World War II.

Star: Daisy Ridley

7. Kolma

Drama, Fantasy, Thriller | Announced

A remarried widow is given an unusual offer to relive her first love as the end of her life draws closer.

Star: Daisy Ridley

8. The Market

Comedy | Announced

An unemployed widower moves in with his adult son in Pittsburgh, where they both struggle to find gainful employment.

Star: Jesse Eisenberg

9. Untitled Cloverfield Sequel

Horror | Announced

Plot unknown.

10. The Nix (TV Movie)

Drama | Announced

A son investigates his estranged mother's secretive past in order to clear her name.

Star: Meryl Streep

11. Half-Life

Sci-Fi, Thriller | Announced

An American scientific research facility opens a portal to a hostile alien world, who begin to invade the earth.

12. My Glory Was I Had Such Friends

Drama | Pre-production

A woman turns to a group of friends for support during a time she has to prepare for a life-saving heart transplant.

Star: Jennifer Garner

13. The Stops Along the Way

Mystery | Announced

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14. Demimonde

Sci-Fi | Pre-production

The world battles against a monstrous, oppressive force.

15. Collider (I)

Sci-Fi | Announced

Plot kept under wraps.

Director: Edgar Wright

16. Portal (I)

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | Announced

A film adaptation of the video game series.

17. They Both Die at the End

Drama, Sci-Fi | Announced

Based on the Novel by Adam Silvera, the show is set in the near-future where everyone receives a bureaucratic phone call notifying them at the start of their last day on Earth.

18. The Invisible Woman

Drama, Thriller | Announced

In order to protect her family, a retired beauty queen turns to a life of crime.

19. Zanbato

Action, Sci-Fi | Announced

Plot details kept under wraps. Said to be about a young female ninja.

Director: Guillermo del Toro

20. Lou

Drama | Pre-production

A tough elderly woman living on a remote island is recruited by a neighbor to help her find her kidnapped daughter.

Director: Anna Foerster | Star: Allison Janney

21. A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea

Drama | Announced

A Syrian refugee struggles for survival after being shipwrecked while fleeing to Europe.

Director: Lena Dunham

22. Everything Must Go

Comedy | Announced

Plot unknown. Described as "'Clerks' for a new generation."

Star: Logic

23. Piece of Mind

Drama | Announced

A young woman who suffered a brain injury as a little girl is forced to live with her brother in New York so that he can look after her.

Star: Daisy Ridley

24. Untitled Brad Parker/J.J. Abrams/Matt Reeves Project

Action | Announced

Plot undisclosed.

Director: Bradley Parker

25. 7 Minutes in Heaven (I)

Mystery, Thriller | Announced

At a party, two teens spend seven minutes in a closet as part of a game, but when they return to their friends, they find them all dead.

Director: Jack Bender

26. Tab & Tony

Drama | Announced

The relationship between Tab Hunter and Anthony Perkins during the 1950's.

27. The Heavy (I)

Sci-Fi, Thriller | Announced

Plot kept under wraps. Described as a subversive take on the superhero genre.

Director: Julius Avery

28. Beta

Action, Sci-Fi | Announced

Plot kept under wraps.

29. Hot for Teacher

Comedy | Announced

A high school senior makes it his goal to get it on with his teacher before he graduates.

30. Little Darlings

Comedy | Announced

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Star: Ryleigh Rogers

31. Untitled J.J. Abrams Earthquake Project

Action, Drama, Thriller | Announced

A girl named Amy is visiting her mother and her father for the weekend when a Earthquake happens Amy has to survive and keep everyone she loves alive.

32. Wunderkind

Action, Thriller | Announced

A pair of Nazi hunters from different organizations cross paths while searching for the same target.

33. Aporia

Drama, Sci-Fi | Announced

Plot kept under wraps. Described as a grounded sci-fi drama with time-travel elements.

Director: Jared Moshe

34. Boilerplate

Action, Sci-Fi | Announced

The story of a fictional late 19th Century robot utilized by such history-makers as Terry Roosevelt and Lawrence of Arabia.

35. Death of a King (TV Movie)

Drama | Announced

A look at the final year in the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

36. Untitled Megan Amram/Bad Robot Project

Horror | Announced

Plot unknown. Described as "a female-driven horror allegory."

37. Untitled J.J. Abrams/Chris Alender Sci-Fi Project

Sci-Fi | Announced

Plot kept under wraps.

Director: Christopher Alender

38. Drama Queen

30 min | Comedy | Announced

A coming-of-age story on the closeted-gay childhood of a young boy in a small-town New Jersey during the 1980s.

39. One Last Thing Before I Go

Drama | Announced

A divorced father suffering through a mid-life crisis finds out he may die if he doesn't proceed with a medical operation.

40. Untitled Lance Armstrong Project

Drama | Announced

The story of competitive cyclist Lance Armstrong, who was stripped of his Tour de France titles after admitting to taking performance-enhancing drugs.

41. Mystery on Fifth Avenue

Drama, Mystery | Announced

Enterprising parents have their home redesigned to include hidden compartments, messages, puzzles, poems, codes and games for their four kids.

42. 500 Rads

Sci-Fi | Announced

Plot is under wraps.

43. Dream Jumper

Drama, Thriller | Announced

A boy learns he has the ability to jump into another person's dreams.

44. Untitled Ben Shiffrin/Bad Robot Project

Sci-Fi | Announced

Plot unknown. Described as a "contained time travel movie."

45. Untitled Elizabeth Taylor Project

Documentary | Announced

Documentary series that chronicles the life and career of actress Elizabeth Taylor.

46. Untitled Ru Paul Project (TV Movie)

Comedy, Drama | Announced

A look at the early years of drag queen Ru Paul, coming of age in New York City during the 1980s.

47. Only the Lonely (III)

Romance, Sci-Fi | Announced

Plot unknown. Described as a sci-fi romance.

Director: Stefan Grube

48. Let the Great World Spin

Drama | Announced

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49. The Flamingo Affair

Animation, Comedy, Crime | Announced

A crew of animals plan a Vegas heist.

50. Untitled Josh Campbell/Matt Stuecken Project

Thriller | Announced

A young girl comes of age in a small town.

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