Humanitas Prize



  • The Humanitas Prize was created with an initial three-year grant from the Lilly Foundation, and is now financed by an endowment from the broadcast and entertainment industries. To date the Humanitas Prize has dispensed over 175 awards and almost $1.8 million in prize money to television and motion picture writers whose work best communicates and encourages human values. (from the official web site, 2000)
  • While the Humanitas Prize focuses on the achievements of screenwriters and the endowment solely goes to the writer, producers and directors of the winning scripts are acknowledged by handing out statuettes for well bringing the script to "life".


Humanitas Comedy Fellowship

Humanitas New Voices Program

Humanitas Prize

Humanitas Student Drama Fellowship

Kieser Award
  • The award is given in memory of the late Fr. Ellwood "Bud" Kieser, the founder of the Humanitas organization.

Historical Timeline

  • The winners were selected from eight different categories and a total of 439 entries.
  • The new category "Sundance Film" is introduced.

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